Social Mood Can Make or Break Customer Care

Customer care is all about leveraging consumer interactions into emotional connections with your brand. And these relational ties are more important than ever – especially among the younger generations. The social mood can make or break customer care, so it’s paramount to stay on top of the narrative so you can adjust quickly.

Using plant-based food as a topic example, we’ll explore the following:

  • Understanding social mood
  • Social moods as sentiment drivers
  • Connecting the mood to your marketing strategy

Before we get rolling, here are a few stats we uncovered that you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • After a poor customer experience, 89% of consumers have abandoned their brand loyalty for a competitor.
  • Social moods affect purchasing behavior as happiness tends to generate spontaneity, while sad moods create pensive attitudes towards products and services.
  • Consumer moods can be temporary or transitional, so brands must clearly understand what’s driving them before altering their marketing or aligning too closely with short-lived sentiment.

With that, let’s jump in and take a closer look.

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Understanding Social Mood

We’ve all seen brands that seem to endear themselves to their consumers and bolster loyalty at every turn. How do they do it?

They climb behind the word clouds and get into the nuts and bolts of the social mood. With a solid understanding of your brand identity, you can determine how flexible your brand can afford to be in any social climate.

And that comes with digging in to gain insights into whether this is a comparatively isolated situation, large-scale temporary shift, or long-term transition into new consumer outlooks that point to emerging trends. Have a look below at the current social mood surrounding the plant-based food conversation.


Without social media listening, it’d be all but impossible to find all of the social mood undercurrents around any conversation. And it’s easy enough to understand what’s driving emotions like ‘joy’ and ‘trust’ in the narrative above, but what in the world are so many people anticipating? It’s pushing 47% of the recent conversation, so it’s critical to find out.

And in doing so, your social media monitoring tool has to be precise. The NetBase product casts a broad net that captures conversational drivers, including partial or altered logos in images, sarcasm and even emojis like in the post below. Every snippet counts.


Social Moods as Sentiment Drivers

The ‘anticipation’ category comprises posts expressing thoughts on plant-based nutrition choices for dieters in the new year, hype over new products and positive stock movement conversations. Unsurprisingly, it also captures the sentiments of those eager for a shift from meat-centric diets to more plant-based, sustainable alternatives.

However, let’s shift over to some of the negative emotions to see how they relate and why they’re so important. After all, the drivers of negative sentiment aren’t always immediately apparent and are often caused by the sum of slightly different factors. This lends a complexity that must be understood correctly before acting.

how to measure social analytics roi

As you saw above, sadness and disgust take up 11% of the conversation on the negative side over the last thirty days. The disgust category is reasonably straight-forward, with discussions around flavor and hesitancy towards new products. But what in the world are people sad about?

A quick click reveals some consumer intelligence sound bites to get us started.


From here, we see posts talking about the decimation of tuna and swordfish populations due to overfishing while encouraging a turn to plant-based alternatives. Still, more posts are shedding light on conditions in the meat-processing industry to encourage meat substitutes.

And to get a more cohesive look at how negative sentiment affects the plant-based conversation, we can simply run it through a crosstab analysis alongside some relevant themes.


Insight to Action – Connecting Marketing to Mood


Although the plant-based topic isn’t all that negative this month, looking at it in this way helps us break down the parts that are. We can see that negative sentiment is mostly weak as strong negative only registers 61 on a scale of 0-600.

Suppose these were the themes your plant-based food company had chosen to explore. In that case, you’d really want to take a look at the conversations behind flavor descriptions and product quality, as they are overwhelmingly negative.

Pointing your social media listening into these spaces reveals people questioning the nutritional value of plant-based diets, problems with producing tasty vegan recipes and what this user terms ‘synthetic junk food.’


Inevitably, keeping tabs on the social mood with diligent social media monitoring yields an angle that brands can explore to leverage the positives and rectify the negatives. In our analysis, we saw the hashtag #veganuary being mentioned relatively frequently. And it turns out to be an annual 31-day challenge to go vegan in January that was started in 2014 by Veganuary, a UK nonprofit organization.

With most of the month left to go, there’s plenty of time to craft your brand messaging and jump on this micro-trend. Not only can you use the momentum to drive your brand awareness, but you are also ready to address the issues that consumers are facing in the space with delicious recipe ideas and nutritional information.

And why not throw in a little messaging about how your brand brings sustainability to the table? You’ll lock in on the consumer love in no time as Nestle did.


Diligent social media monitoring of the social mood reveals the struggles that consumers are experiencing in your market while simultaneously giving you the angles to form your marketing approach.

And catching emerging trends early allows your brand to craft a marketing message that ticks off all the boxes. Showing up with all the answers is simply the best customer care there is. Is your social media listening cutting through the noise for actionable insights? Reach out for a demo, and we’ll get you geared toward a great 2021!

how to measure social analytics roi

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