Social monitoring of seasonal trends is important, and this time of year no holiday or event is more important than the limited time sale of Girl Scout Cookies!

As most cookies are sold between January and April, now is a great time to use our Instant Search tool to get some insights about these delectable delights – while we still can.

How to Track a Trend

A tool like Instant Search is ideal for getting the initial lay of the land on any trend or topic you want to better understand.

When we do a simple search on the term “Girl Scout Cookies” we get a lot of information. Particularly revealing are the Top Hashtags and Top Posts on Twitter (where the bulk of the social conversation is happening).

Among the many Top Hashtags are words like “vegan,” “marijuana” and “cannabis community.” These are all terms the Girl Scouts of America might want to be aware of.

You can easily click on each hashtag to see what else is being said, or change your search terms to include additional topics you want to focus on.

The Popular Posts also offer up a quick variety of insights – from remembering the cookie mania at last year’s Oscars, to people helping their favorite Girl Scouts sell, to ecological concerns about the use of palm oil in their production.

Brands looking for an angle on the Girl Scout Cookie discussion should find out where their audience stands before entering the conversation.

But it’s time to ask a more serious question: Which Girl Scout cookie represents your celebrity BFF? We’ve got the answers!

Star-studded Cookie Love

There are a number of cookies on offer this season, listed below. For each we searched on the cookie name and looked at the Top People to see who was getting the most engagement or professing their Girl Scout Cookie love. Here are our results:

Thin Mints – Jennifer Garner

If you love Thin Mints, your celeb BFF is Jennifer Garner. Like Jen you are a go-getter devoted to your kids’ success. What people love about you? You’re just a regular person like everybody else.

Samoas – Conrad Thompson

A love for Samoas aligns you with wrestling podcaster and financial guru Conrad Thompson. You’re a mix of sassy and serious – as only someone who loves wrestling, but also debt management, could be.

Tagalongs – Wil Wheaton

You know who you are, and you aren’t afraid to embrace it. Just like famous “geek” Wil Wheaton, you laugh all the way to the bank, and use your good fortune to collaborate on new projects. Like the perfect beer to pair with some Tagalongs.

Trefoils – Leonard Fournette

Like Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette, you’re athletic, but committed to family. You believe “being united generates attitude” – and your fans love you for it.

Do-si-dos – Sophia Benoit

Your devil-may-care attitude makes your best bestie comedian Sophia Benoit. Like most stand-ups, she’s not afraid to take an unpopular stance – like choosing often overlooked Do-si-dos as her fave cookie. As friends go, she’s ride or die.

Savannah Smiles – John Legend

John Legend is your BFF. You both share the kind of confidence that doesn’t stop you from publicly (during the Oscars, no less!) buying a cookie many don’t seem to care for. But you don’t follow the crowd.

Toffee-tastic – Mike Emanuel

Fox News Correspondent Mike Emanuel knows the importance of getting all the facts before making a decision – and so do you. You may have your favorites, but you’ll always try something new. Especially for someone you love.

Girl Scout S’mores – Everyone is Your Best Friend!

When you’re as popular as these cookies, you can’t limit your love to a single person! These cookies scored 100% on Net Sentiment – underscoring the importance of not making assumptions, in case you thought Thin Mints were tops.

Thin Mints sentiment came in at 29%. But that’s not the end of the story either. With sentiment, you’ve always got to look deeper to see what’s behind the emotion.

In the case of Girl Scout S’mores cookies, there’s a lot of love that they’re vegan. As for Thin Mints – which are also vegan – the lower sentiment is often because they’re unavailable.

So putting all fun aside, remember these tips for effectively tracking and leveraging trends:

  • Start with a basic look at the conversation
  • Dial into sentiment of key themes
  • Assess your audience to know what matters to them
  • Continue social monitoring in real-time as you join the conversation, and tweak as needed

And of course reach out to us when you’re ready to put our social monitoring tools to work!


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