Social Media Survey 2018: How EU Brands Use Social Listening
Mike Baglietto |
 02/21/18 |
3 min read

What do you get when you ask 500 senior marketers in Europe how they use social media listening? The NetBase Social Media Market Survey 2018: Europe! Here’s a sneak peek of the insights these marketers shared:

Social Media Listening Beyond Marketing

Smartly, European brands and businesses understand that marketing isn’t where the proverbial buck stops. Social analytics can power a host of initiatives, though some are more common than others.

The top two marketing use cases are social engagement, and campaigns – and that makes sense. Zócalo Group used social analytics to precisely target the right audience for their client Britvic’s U.S. launch of their Fruit Shoots brand. Read the full report to find out how.

Still, there’s a lot more social data can do for your brand, and it’s great to see some European marketers are taking that to heart.

Monitoring brand health, improving customer care, and tracking crises are all gaining ground as important areas to apply social analytics. And there’s one crucial metric required to succeed in each of these areas.

The Importance of Sentiment Analysis to Accuracy

Sentiment analysis is the element that takes your social listening and social monitoring to the next level. It’s not about affection for your brand – at least not entirely – but about understanding what matters most to your audience.

When properly applied, sentiment helps you predict the success of your brand endeavors, saving you time, resources, and the need for damage control.

Largely, European brands agree it’s important to understand and quickly respond to negative comments on social. Responding to complaints in real-time keeps negativity from going viral, but also improves how consumers view your customer care prowess.

However, passionately positive sentiment is also relevant. Not only do intensely positive emotions reveal who your biggest fans and influencers are, they offer you a guidepost to ensure your campaigns and other brand endeavors are accurately targeted.

This is particularly important for SMBs, where the margin of error is costly, and the need to democratize share of voice is critical. An investment in sentiment analysis lets smaller brands focus their efforts with laser beam precision, for lean, effective marketing capable of competing with the majors.

Opportunities for European – and All – Brands

The report does highlight some areas where European brands can improve. This requires dropping assumptions about things like which social channels matter most to your brand, and using analytics to tell the story.

Would your brand be surprised to learn Tumblr is a channel you should explore? Or Reddit, or YouTube? If so, you’re not taking your analytics far enough. For example, two European countries account for the greatest non-U.S. traffic on Tumblr – do you know which two?

The answer is in the report, along with other tips worth devouring. One of them is the need for European brands to extend social insight-based decision making to more areas of their companies.

Some certainly have, as the graphic below shows, but there’s still a lot of room for growth.

How else can European brands better streamline their application of social analytics? Download the NetBase Social Media Market Survey 2018: Europe to find out. Even if you’re not based in Europe, the lessons apply to all brands.

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