The Top 25 Social Media Sites for Your Brand
Mike Baglietto |
 06/22/21 |
8 min read

The Top 25 Social Media Sites for Your Brand

You already know the power of social media platforms to boost your brands visibility. With social media usage almost doubled since 2015, this marketing avenue has become a necessity instead of an option. Understanding which social media platform is best for your company can be a bit of a puzzle. We’ve broken down the top 25 social media sites to aid your brand in deciding which ones are best for your visibility.

1. Facebook

Pretty much the entire online world is on Facebook. With 1.84 billion active users each day, brands can reach people using groups, pages and advertising. Groups are your best bet for connecting, or you’ll need to invest in paid ads, which you can learn more about on their platform. These paid ads are handy as you choose the length of time you want to run them. This allows you to change your messaging as much needed.


2. Instagram

This social media platform boasts 1 billion active monthly users. Instagram draws shopping enthusiasts since this platform makes it easy to set up a shop with your products. Advertising becomes fun and simple to do with built in tools such as stories and reels. And the option to go live is a draw as it creates a sense of urgency for consumers.


3. YouTube

This platform is a search engine fused with social media and touts 5 billion videos watched per day. On top of this, 80% of B2B and B2C brands find that YouTube videos drive engagements, views, and purchases. Brand videos allow the user to ask questions and get to know the brand before making a purchase. When making a video, it’s best to categorize it as comedy, music, pop culture/entertainment or ‘how to’ as these are the top 4 categories watched on YouTube. Additionally, longer videos that are 15 minutes or more perform better than shorter videos do here.


4. TikTok

Video will account for 82% of global traffic by 2022, and TikTok has taken it up a notch up by creating its own culture. It has over 800 million monthly users and features short form videos. This platform has given new life to hashtags, and brands are using them to create challenges that involve dance, lip-syncing, make-up challenges and more. This trend can be used as a marketing tactic to draw consumers to your brand. And talk about influencers! There are many on this platform that could give your brand a big boost if partnered with.


5. Twitter

Twitter is known for very chatty tweets about anything and everything. It’s number one for consumers utilizing customer service. Xbox, and Lululemon use it just for this purpose. A support feed could feature 24/7 help with direct communication between consumer and a real live person. It’s a boost for your brand showing the 186 million active daily users that you care and you’re accessible.


6. Reddit

With its 1.3 billion monthly users, Reddit consumers can vote up or down on Reddit posts, links and information that speak to any number of things. Creating a username with your industry and a person’s name is recommended as consumers are more likely to interact with you if they feel they are speaking to a person. Audiences are easily targeted by category searches in subreddits. With consumer intelligence aiding you, a brand can then build a feed with valuable and relevant information for your audience. For driving traffic and engagement, don’t be sneaky about promotions – use link ads or text ads.


7. Snapchat

Snapchat is home to 229 million daily active users. As far as social media platforms go, this one boasts some of the most active users. Daily statuses and photos which can be sent between users making this app similar to Instagram. Utilizing daily snaps and the stories function can help bring attention to you. With Snapchat, you can pay for ads and upload your product catalogue, giving consumers the ability to purchase from you via the app.


8. Tumblr

You can expect hyper-specific content on Tumblr. Of the social media platforms, this one is an older microblog, but still current with the times producing 80 million posts per day.   For the best exposure, use photos or Gifs as text-based posts are often ignored. Add a link to your photo, so that no matter where your post ends up, a consumer can click on the photo and be taken to your website or Tumblr page. Interacting with other users in genuine manner is key as this site is about community.


9. Pinterest

Pinterest is the giant bulletin board of social media platforms. Users ‘pin’ items of interest from other user’s boards to their own. To help boost your brand you want to be sure you choose the right category as consumers will use category searches to find you. Use brand images without faces, these receive 23% more pins than those with. And use a mix of videos and images to capture the most attention. Like any social site, you’ll want to leverage keywords and create hashtags. Finally, follow, engage and interact with other accounts.


10. WeChat

There are 1.21 billion monthly active users on WeChat. This app offers a mini timeline, chat options, a news feed and shopping in app. To get noticed on this popular app, your brand will need to produce quality content and create loyalty programs. Creating a QR code allows the user to scan it and then immediately be notified of new content shared by you as well as loyalty program info. And creating a website inside of WeChat is helpful in connecting and engaging with your audience. This social media platform lends itself very well to influencers as well!


11. MeWe

MeWe has seen 31% growth in Q1 of 2021. It’s still small in comparison to other social media platforms, providing an excellent opportunity for brands to stand out. By creating a MeWe business page you’ll help users easily find you. Joining and interacting in MeWe groups can casually draw attention to your brand. This is not the place to heavily promote, but rather interact and engage with your audience authentically. Lastly, include keywords in your ‘About Me’ page for exposure in searches.


12. Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an audio-only social media app. Expect lots of conversation and celebrities. It’s invite-only which gives it an air of exclusivity. Right now, it has only 2 million active weekly users. To optimize your brand awareness in this app, you’ll need to pay attention to the details such as adding relevant information in profile to help guide consumers to your website (links are not allowed). You can join rooms that fall into your niche category, sharing your expertise. And partnering with an influencer to help get your message out there is never a bad idea.


13. LinkedIn

This is where the professionals go when they want to connect with other professionals, search for clients, or have clients find them. Currently it has 690 million members. It’s a perfect opportunity for B2B brands. You’ll want to post actionable content. The more content you post that engages your followers, the higher your page will appear in search results. One of the most effective ways to engage your audience and boost your brand on LinkedIn is to post thought leadership content. Additionally, photo and video content does best. And don’t forget to take advantage of their ads!


14. Telegram

Telegram is 500 million users strong. This chat app is similar to What’sApp in that it offers free messaging between users. A feature that can help boost a brand is the ability to create groups. This allows brands to create curated messaging, special offers or products for individual demographics. Or you can create private channels for regular and VIP customers where members can’t see one another for a more intimate feel brand experience. Or make a discussion group where you and other group members can interact, creating a personal connection and boosting your brand.


15. Twitch

This is the gamers’ social media platform. The best way to get your brand noticed by their 15 million daily active users is through influencer marketing. This is especially profitable during Twitch Con where streamers set up booths, give talks and meet their fans. Or if you prefer you can do paid advertisement on Twitch, and unlike YouTube, they can’t be skipped.  Lastly, you can join the community and interact with the gamers in a casual and authentic way.


16. Discord

Instant messaging for gamers may not seem like a great platform to reach consumers, but with this social media platform, users can create groups about anything, not just games. With 140 million monthly active users, you can use your group to invite users to ask questions and connect with you on a personal level.  And then promote your brand through “Communities” you join, or create your own community.


17. Quora

You don’t want to be too promotional heavy here. Instead, the best way to give your brand a boost is by observing and interacting with the 300 million monthly members of this Reddit-like social media platform. This is a question-and-answer forum where you can provide your expertise on any given subject. You boost your awareness by simply being helpful.


18. Medium

This is another content publishing site where users can post content and members can “clap” to it or comment on it. Being interactive is the key here, and not spamming too much self-promotional content. Here influencer marketing works well – there are a variety of bloggers on this site which could help boost your brand’s awareness. And of course, posting content related to your industry can help keep your brand visible to its 100 million monthly users. Keeping these blogs at 1600 words is ideal according to Medium.


19. What’s App

What’s App works similarly to top social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Brands can utilize the groups, stories and feeds to interact with and connect to their fans. And they have a What’s App just for businesses which allows customers to contact the company directly. From this you can share product catalogues and highlight different offerings such as new products. With this app available in 180 countries and 60 different languages, it’s a good tool for reaching beyond your own borders.

whats app

20. Racket

Similar to Clubhouse, this is an audio first social media. Which means it has a podcast feel and tone, but with short audio clips. It’s kind of like if Twitter and Clubhouse had a baby. Organic interaction with comments and posts is required here. You won’t find huge celebrities here, instead it draws a crowd who are looking for an authentic experience. Still in its infancy at 10,000 members, getting in on the ground floor could boost your brand quite a bit if you interact and post in a genuine manner.


21. House Party

The festive way to interact with your consumers face-to-face via a social media app is here! It’s a live video party sponsored by your brand. Your company provides products to the ‘House Party’. Prior to the party, you curate invites, configure party pages and promote branded content via other social media platforms. Once the party starts, your brand interacts via the various party rooms where you invite consumers to talk about your brands product. These real parties spark conversations turning partygoers into brand amplifiers.

house party

22. NextDoor

One in four neighborhoods currently use this app. When using NextDoor, you’re interacting with small neighborhoods which is excellent for locating geographical needs. You can join groups and interact in conversations, organically reaching the community and getting a real idea of what the smaller community wants and needs. By using this intel to provide previously unmet desires, you can boost your brands presence in an organic way.


23. Meetup

This app is like a small-town paper where you can find people with like interests and meet up virtually or in-person. The secret to success on this social media platform is genuine conversation and expertise where and when it’s needed. Listening and then using what you learn to create ways to boost your brand is going to be your tactic here. From this, create a group or event to host to connect with consumers.


24. Weibo

This social media platform has 241 million active users. Partnering with an influencer and taking advantage of a variety of paid ads such as landing page and Fans Headlines are excellent ways into consumer hearts. However, live streaming is a consumer catcher for this app, as are live and interactive campaigns which feature giveaways.


25. Goodreads

A niche social media platform where consumers are discussing their favorite reads. Create your own account and begin publishing what you’ve read. It can be industry specific, or something based on today’s current news, or even a trending subject to get you on reader radars. And then have a conversation, but be genuine and don’t push your brand too hard.


With all of these social media platforms at play, brands will need social listening more than ever. We can help you sort out all of your social media needs as they relate to much of what we covered above. Reach out for a demo!

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