Social Media Sentiment Analysis is Super Important This Super Tuesday

Kimberly Surico |
 03/01/16 |
2 min read

Arguably the most important benefit social media offers is providing insights to inspire the crafting of brand messaging. When your brand is a political platform, it’s that much more important to know how your constituents – and those of your opponents – are feeling in real-time.

We’ve had LIVE Pulses running for the duration of this election season, including our recent Pulses for the South Carolina and Nevada primaries – and we’ve got one running for Super Tuesday as well. Have the presidential hopefuls been paying attention to the sentiment of the American people on social media? Hopefully – because they’re running out of time to convince people of their merits before the major party nominations are secured.

Super Tuesday is huge, as CNN reminds us: “March 1 can essentially make or break candidates because about half of the delegates needed for the GOP nomination are up for grabs, and about a third of the delegates for the Democrats.”

With the Twitterverse offering commentary on everything from voter ID issues to news outlets’ predictions, it’s a good time for the candidates to check in and make sure their platforms and messaging aren’t being knocked off course by their opponents’ supporters.










With “Trump” trending as an emerging topic at press time, there’s certainly reason for the other GOP hopefuls, and of course the Democrats, to feel nervous.

But with information coming in real-time, addressing concerns can happen in real-time as well. It’s a long day – and a long season yet – and the candidates should use every advantage social data can provide.

Want to get in on watching the Super Tuesday social sentiment unfold? Follow along with us on March 1, and again on March 5, as the primaries and caucuses continue. And be sure to tweet us your insights and predictions – and whether or not they come to fruition!

Or let us know if you want your own LIVE Pulse for your brand’s event.

Image from DonkeyHotey

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