The 15 Best Social Media Reporting and Analytics Tools
Rebekah Paul |
 01/17/23 |
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The 15 Best Social Media Reporting and Analytics Tools

Social media reporting and analytics are the crown jewels of social media marketing. Robust social media reporting tools are a must to reveal all—and here are 15 of the best to help you along

What Are Social Media Analytics?

A data stream is created as soon as you set up your social media accounts. However, in its raw form, this data could be helpful to your business goals. Social media analytics analyze the data and derive meaning (insights) from it, empowering you to make sound decisions.

How effectively this is accomplished depends mainly on the tools used. We understand there are a plethora of them, all claiming to help you achieve your goals so that it might get confusing sometime.

To help you find a solution, we’ll look at 15 of the best social media reporting tools. We hope you find this list useful!

1. NetBase Quid®


NetBase Quid® is built to handle the full range of consumer and market intelligence needs for brands of all sizes.

Composed of two independently powerful platforms with ports to integrate over 3000 other data sources, NetBase Quid® is a super-tool for companies that want to understand what is happening on the web and transform those insights into valuable business intelligence.

Use NetBase Quid’s social listening features to understand your audience in terms of who they are, where they are, and what they want and expect. Advanced Boolean search allows a clean setup to collect only the kind of data you need on any particular subject, whether it’s your brand, products, competitors, or trends.

Its social media monitoring capabilities will give you a real-time view of the market and consumer. Then you can apply NLP sentiment analysis to analyze unstructured conversations and reveal the emotions behind consumers’ words.

Beyond text-based posts, visual analytics features make it easy to break down images, memes, emojis, and other rich media formats so they can be factored in during sentiment analysis.

Finally, you have the NetBase Quid Intelligence Connector that lets you bring all your social media data, including what you collect using other tools, under one roof for comprehensive analysis. Reports are automated and fully customizable too.

2. Rival IQ


Rival IQ is dedicated to social, competitive intelligence. For brands that want to keep an eye on their competitors across all the major social media platforms, the tool offers built-in integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

rival iq facebook stats

Rival IQ social media reporting tools. Source

Use Rival IQ’s competitive analysis to benchmark your performance against specific competitors and the industry in general. Always-on benchmarking allows you to leave the trackers on for continuous monitoring.

You get alerts on changes to target social media posts, mentions, and boosted posts, among other essential details. In addition, social post analysis can help you discover emerging trends and point out opportunities for engagement with your audience.

With easy access to data, you can conduct entire social media audits featuring content performance, hashtag analytics, and popular topics. In addition, integration with Google Analytics allows you to see other aspects of the customer journey outside social media.

Rival IQ also makes reporting easy with automatically generated reports that can be customized to suit your brand’s aesthetic.

3. Google Analytics


Built as a website and app analytics tool, Google Analytics is effective at reporting on web traffic sources and visitors’ interaction with the site. From this perspective, it can also be used as a social media analytics tool showing you the impact of different social media channels on your overall traffic.

Use Google Analytics’ powerful tracking features to know the number of visitors coming to your site from the various social media channels. If you have promoted content or other types of ads referring people to specific pages on your site, the tool can help you determine your ROI.

You can also analyze conversions on your ecommerce stores using the same features. With tracking capabilities, follow users around your site to see how people from various networks navigate the site. Again, it could help you optimize the customer journey for different demographics.

With the Smart Goals feature, you can define milestones you want to hit with your social referral traffic and monitor progress improvement, as the Google Analytics reports suggest.

4. Hootsuite


Hootsuite successfully combines several essential social media marketing features, including social media management, social listening, content publishing, and analytics and reporting. Its advanced analytics are helpful for brands to determine the effectiveness of their social media marketing along with metrics such as content and ad performance.


Hootsuite social media reporting tools. Source

Use Hootsuite’s collaboration capabilities to bring your team together to work on separate social media marketing projects. In addition, in-built performance measurement features will allow you to monitor their productivity in areas such as response and resolution of social media user queries.

Allowing integrations with specialized tools like Rival IQ, you can track competitor brand mentions better and publish social network content directly from the dashboard.

Hootsuite also allows you to create and customize reports with more than 200 metrics. These reports are exportable in several formats, including PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel.

5. Keyhole


Keyhole aims to help you eliminate those cumbersome spreadsheets when you want to analyze multiple social media profiles, brand mentions, campaign performance, and influencers. With specialized trackers for each function, the tool provides insight into different aspects of your social media marketing.

With Keyhole’s social listening and campaign monitoring features, you can see what people are saying about your brand and engage them instantly. You can also analyze your campaign’s performance in real-time.

Use its profile analytics to track the performance of your different social media accounts from a single dashboard. You can also add competitor profiles to track them alongside your brand and compare performance.

Further, Keyhole helps you with influencer identification, tracking, and trend monitoring.

6. TapInfluence


TapInfluence is specialized for influencer marketing. Its goal is to help brands create successful influencer marketing campaigns by removing the hurdles of the manual approach, making the setup and execution quicker and easier. From identification and workflow, right to analytics, the tool has features to streamline the entire process.


TapInfluence social media reporting tools. Source

If you are unsure about the relevant metrics for influencer marketing, you can use TapInfluence to determine the potential value of target influencers to your brand before reaching out for a contract. The tool informs you about their performance based on metrics such as reach, engagement, and fee.

Once hired, you can also measure their performance to determine ROI. Additionally, you can compare them to the industry averages for a proper evaluation.

7. Sociality


Sociality offers an all-in-one social media management solution. Its five main features help teams collaborate on the task, publish content, analyze their performance, engage with the audience, and monitor their competitors.

Apply the tool’s publishing features in creating and sharing content across your social media accounts. You can schedule content to publish automatically even when working on the next project. In addition, the tool allows you to preview your content before it goes live to see how it will appear on various platforms.

Improve your team’s productivity by bringing everyone to the same dashboard while maintaining a hierarchy with user permissions, feedback notes, approvals, and team logs. In addition, its comprehensive analytics and reporting features bring together and provide meaning to scattered social media data.

8. Buffer


Buffer is one of the most popular and affordable social media management platforms. With plans starting from free to $100 per month, this is the tool for small businesses that want to excel in social media marketing without breaking the bank.


Buffer social media reporting tools. Source

Buffer makes social media management easy and less time-consuming by publishing content for you, enhancing collaboration, and automating reporting.

One of the most valuable features you’ll find on Buffer is the recommendations on posting strategy. The feature uses the information it gathers from around the web to advise you on when and what to post to stand out and get engagement.

Buffer also integrates with Rival IQ, allowing you to merge your competitor intelligence efforts with social media management seamlessly.

9. Emplifi (formerly Socialbakers)


Emplifi brings several social media management tools under one roof to make it easy for you to accomplish your tasks. From monitoring multiple accounts to competitive intelligence to automated reporting, all the essentials are there.

Use Emplifi’s sentiment analysis feature to know how your audience feels about different aspects of your campaign. Then, the tool’s predictive analytics will help you decide how to spend your marketing bucks promoting content on Facebook.

Emplifi’s competitive intelligence includes the ability to compare your performance with your competition on Facebook and Instagram over the previous three months.

Beyond its social media analytics tools, Emplifi provides content management features, influencer identification, and social media customer service.

10. Followerwonk


Followerwonk is dedicated to Twitter follower activity. While it’s not entirely free, there is a lot one can do with the free plan, including the ability to search 50 profiles per day, analyze accounts with less than 25,001 followers, and make 20 comparisons per day.


Followerwonk social media reporting tools. Source

Use Followerwonk to find your audience on Twitter based on the words they have on their profiles. This can be useful for identifying influencers, users within certain demographics, or people with specific interests.

You can also sort your audience based on critical factors like their level of influence on the platform, activity, and number of followers. With the ability to compare brands, the tool can also enhance your competitor analysis.

11. Sendible


Sendible provides several essential social media management features, including social media monitoring, social listening, reporting, and analytics. With a drag-and-drop builder, the tool makes reporting customizable and easy to do.

Get ready-to-use insights on social media content performance, brand mentions, and audience profiles across different social networks. With this, you can quickly get to the areas that require your attention, such as when someone mentions your brand.

Team collaboration features include measuring response times on social media and audience engagement notifications delivered right to the standard dashboard for appropriate action from the assigned members.

12. Audiense


For brands that want to conduct deep analysis on multiple profiles on Twitter, Audiense is one of the best tools to provide it. It is also quite affordable, with paid plans starting at $9 to $89 per month, making it an excellent option for small businesses.


Audiense social media reporting tools. Source

You can use Audiense’s free plan to optimize your tweeting times, manage your Twitter lists, and get community insights. With the paid options, you can create your own chatbot to help you manage your Twitter DMs.

You also get a much deeper level of insight to help you build communities, and you can track relevant ongoing or historical conversations.

13. Cyfe


Cyfe helps brands build custom dashboards and populate them with data from other marketing tools. For example, users can add all their target social media accounts to the dashboard for easy management and use custom widgets to track relevant metrics such as clicks, posts, reach, etc.

Cyfe offers analytics on all major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

One of the most remarkable features of the customizable dashboard is that it allows you to set up alerts for specific thresholds. Then, when they are crossed, you get emailed or an SMS, so you’re constantly updated and equipped to act.

You can set up monitoring for your brand mentions or the competitors’ activities.

14. Quintly


Quintly is built for monitoring engagement across major social media channels. Designed for enterprises rather than small brands, it is one of the more expensive social media analytics tools on this list.


Quintly social media reporting tools. Source

With Quintly, you can track more than 350 metrics across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, and Pinterest. Build a custom dashboard and use the tool’s API to add data to it to integrate with your business intelligence platform.

You can then create reports and export them in various formats, including PDF, CSV, XLS, and PPTX.

15. Viralyft


As the name suggests, Viralyft is dedicated to helping brands go viral on the internet. The tool promises to make them popular, offering promotions for Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, YouTube channels, Spotify music, and Soundcloud.

Take advantage of Viralyft’s tools and strategies and focus on doing what you love – creating great content. The company works with thousands of brands like yours, including influencers, movie studios, and music labels.

Before committing your time or money, be sure to dig deeper into any social media reporting tools you’re interested in. Besides our suite of tools found in NetBase Quid® and Rival IQ, the rest are simply suggestions that you can use in your search for the right solution.

If you’d like to see if the hype around NetBase Quid’s capabilities lives up to reality, reach out for a demo today, and we’ll show you

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