Retail Report 2020

In a post-pandemic world, it’s important that brands evolve their marketing strategies to stay relevant – and no sector knows this better than the retail industry. Forced to adapt to the changing shopping behaviors of its consumers in 2020, retailers have learned the value of good consumer intelligence to guide decision making. We detail this and more in our Social Media Report 2020: Retail Industry.

retail report

Two Worlds Collide, One Amazing Tool

Sometimes what’s trending in the news isn’t what’s being talked about by consumers on social media. Having access to both worlds is critical, as is understanding how trending news and social engagement intersect.

Our report shows how using both market intelligence with consumer intelligence widens your view and catches all the miniscule items that search engines alone – or less robust tools – can’t locate.

This is helpful in understanding the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind the conversation; things that may not seem connected at first.

For instance, a big topic within retail this year has been giving back. From frontline workers to community food banks – giving is huge. Brands who picked up on this conversation are currently ahead of the pack, like Tractor Supply. Our market intelligence shows how they are being discussed in the news:


Does this also speak to what is trending in consumer conversation about this company? Our report reveals the answer, and the sometimes-subtle differences between consumer and news conversations that can be game changers. And there are lots of other insights that matter as well.

Insights That Matter

It’s important to know who is leading in your industry. Each year, there are some you expect to see such as Amazon, but there are also some surprises. The right consumer and market intelligence can pinpoint these trending brands. This is critical for businesses to know. It helps them sort out:

  • What their competition is up to
  • Examples to follow
  • Mistakes to avoid

And it’s more than that. Our report shows what the conversation is within the retail industry, from groceries to shoes, and dissects and categorize the top retailers while simultaneously tracking the top trending conversations within each segment. There’s intel on the top retail brands, associated emerging trends, their top selling items, and connected themes:


But our report isn’t just for the big boys. It’s also helpful for small businesses, targeting top platforms for selling items online, detailing what’s being sold and which posts have the highest social engagement to inform your brand in that next campaign.

Our report is a roadmap to success and a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts for brands looking to see what’s happening currently and where trends are headed in our new social climate.

retail report

Understanding the New Normal

By now, everyone is tired of hearing about COVID-19, however the truth remains that it’s changed the way people shop and the way companies interact with their consumers. And this includes how they reach them.

This is the season of influencers.


Our report shows how brands are harnessing social influence to reach and connect with consumers more authentically. Influencers generally affect business in a positive way, but our report also highlights how the pandemic has been an influencer of its own.

And all of this leads to share of voice.

Brands Talking the Loudest and Sentiment Meters

You can reach consumers, even successfully navigate our current troubled waters, but if you don’t know where your brand lands in the overcrowded pool of competitors, then all of that hard work is hard will do little to help you evaluate and improve.

Our report spans a variety of categories to help brands make sense of it all:


Understanding share of voice means brands:

  • Understand consumer sentiment across various social networks
  • Can identify areas of risk or room for improvement using themes that reveal sentiment around customer service, quality or trust.

And then exploring sentiment is the icing on the share of voice cake. It’s the details that can make a big difference.

Small Details Make Big Differences

How many times is ‘Love’ mentioned when consumers describe your lipstick or toilet paper? With Asics it’s 1700 times in the past six months. Our report digs deep into brands and their sentiment, along with examples of how consumer intelligence reveals driving words and emotions.


And those details matter a good bit when it comes to negative sentiment as well. So, if your competitive intelligence isn’t thorough enough to catch negative sentiment in real-time, or recognize different languages including modern adaptations such as urban and slang, you’re missing a lot of context.

Get a holistic view of dominating headlines, consistent narratives, voice of the consumer, journalists and editorial content by reading our Social Media Report 2020: Retail Industry. You’ll have a head start as we come into the New Year.

And be sure to reach out for a demo to see Next Generation AI powered consumer and marketing intelligence in action, regardless of category.

retail report

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