Top Ten Social Media Monitoring Tools
Carol Feigenbaum |
 10/07/21 |
5 min read

Top Ten Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media monitoring tools play a crucial role for brands across a variety of verticals. They inform what makes consumers tick, what they love and hate, pain points, and where they’re looking for advice. There are many social media monitoring options out there that can fit your industry’s specific needs, and we’ll share ten here that will help you sharpen your social listening efforts.

Specifically, we’ll explore the following tools:

  1. NetBase Quid
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Awario
  4. Reputology
  5. Keyhole
  6. Mention
  7. Loomly
  8. Sendible
  9. Buffer
  10. Zoho Social

Social media monitoring covers various use cases that ultimately help improve your brand health and competitiveness in the market. In today’s business climate, the stakes are high, and more brands are realizing the importance of social media monitoring, as these stats suggest:

  • Social media monitoring tools are your first line of defense in a PR crisis. PwC’s Global Crisis Survey discovered that 95% of business leaders feel underprepared for a crisis.
  • Social media users worldwide are projected to reach 4.4 billion by 2025, according to Statista.
  • 63% of marketers feel social listening will become more critical over the coming year.

Social listening is great for understanding a topic or consumer viewpoint in the moment. However, social media monitoring takes those insights and tracks them over time. This allows brands to understand changes in consumer perceptions, uncover anomalies, and observe emerging trends.

Any brand can benefit from social media monitoring no matter what industry they are involved in. It’s a leg up on market movements, so you stay a step ahead of trends, crises, or even supply chain issues. Let’s take a look to get you on the road to success!

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NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid offers the ultimate functionality when it comes to social media monitoring because NetBase and Quid are two tools living under one roof designed to work together flawlessly. Therefore, none of your data gets lost in translation between tools.

Since coverage translates to reliability in your data, NetBase Quid provides access to 300+ million social data sources authored in 50 languages with 51 months of history. That means, no matter your topic, NetBase Quid can deliver every tweet, so you know precisely how consumers are reacting to the issues that matter.

Additionally, NetBase Quid offers robust reporting and alert functionality so you can deliver actionable insights to your decision-makers with the click of a button. Data visualizations on the platform not only help you uncover actionable consumer and market intelligence, but they also aid in sharing your intel to anyone within your organization, so they comprehend the scope of the story the data tells at a glance.

NetBase Quid’s social media monitoring capabilities put world-class consumer analytics at your fingertips. As such, this tool provides rich insights for sectors such as entertainment, renewable energy, mass media, manufacturing, hospitality, and food technology – just to name a few.



Hootsuite is a highly regarded social media account management and monitoring tool. It allows you the luxury of tending all of your social media accounts in one dashboard. Additionally, it provides insight functionality to analyze and track trends with sentiment, monitor and engage across all your channels, and manage your social media security.

Hootsuite can be integrated with over 100 apps and even can be plugged into NetBase Quid. Post scheduling and collaborative team tools make campaign building an easier burden to bear.

Hootsuite is a must for brands juggling many accounts. Sectors such as marketing, retail, event management, restaurants, and news outlets will want to check this one out.



Awario sifts through over 13 billion web pages every day, so you never miss a brand mention. It’s a great social media monitoring tool that allows you to monitor your brand’s health and promote awareness. Awario is great for any consumer-facing institution, from game manufacturers to pharmaceuticals.



Reputology is a social media monitoring tool that tracks consumer and employee reviews across the web. Aggregate your brand’s social feedback on one platform with review and sentiment monitoring that includes reporting and analytics to measure performance. This tool is a no-brainer for hotel and restaurant chains, property management firms, retailers, and software developers.



Keyhole is a fantastic social media monitoring tool for marketing agencies and public relations firms. However, any brand seeking to propel its digital presence can benefit as they offer social listening analytics in addition to influencer marketing and campaign tracking tools.



Mention is another tool that allows you to monitor your brand mentions and provides alerts for keywords you wish to track across the web. You can respond to mentions from within the tool, strengthening your customer care in the process. Mention includes social analytics for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, review sites, forums, and blogs. It’s an excellent fit for agencies, financial institutions, and retailers.



Loomly is another great social media monitoring tool for marketers and agencies as it’s centered around collaboration. The platform allows you to keep tabs on all your brand’s social media accounts as well as the ads you’re running. Additionally, everyone on your team can be notified when a team member updates or comments on content in the works.



Sendible aims to be a one-stop shop for agencies and brands with a heavy social media focus. They offer social media monitoring, analytics, publishing, and collaboration from one dashboard.

And they include a mobile app, so you have complete access on the go. It’s a powerful tool for any brand but might be especially enticing for those in mass media, food service, retail, hospitality, or entertainment.



Buffer is a social media monitoring tool geared towards smaller businesses. It has scheduling for multiple social media platforms, making content planning and publishing a snap. Of course, it also includes monitoring in addition to audience engagement capabilities as well.

An intriguing feature is their comparison tool that shows paid vs. organic results of boosted posts, so you don’t have to guess what’s paying off. It’s a worthy option for independent businesses getting their feet wet with social media monitoring – and it’s low-cost too!


Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a relatively robust social media monitoring tool for brands looking to keep an eye on their online performance. You can create social listening columns in the tool to track brand reviews, mentions, and your brand or industry-specific keywords. Additionally, the platform provides analysis, scheduling, and collaboration functionality as well.

Zoho Social promotes itself as a single platform solution for all social media management agencies and provides unique dashboards for each of your clients.


Any brand can benefit from social media monitoring tools. Even if your brand doesn’t deal directly with consumers, social media insights can inform on market direction by uncovering emerging trends, so your innovations stay a step ahead of the competition.

And with the right tools at your disposal, social media monitoring helps you protect your brand health and grow your share of voice. Reach out for a demo, and we’ll get you on the road to impactful market intelligence!

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