16250192929_9ff907bb58_mSocial media listening tactics can be used to connect with audiences and build relationships in pretty much any industry. Whether it’s financial services, nonprofits, retailers, or anything else you can think of, every industry can benefit from analyzing and acting on social data.

Social listening tools for an active audience

Some sectors have a more active pool of social users to interact with, like household brands. Consumers have long called or written to brands with praise or complaints. Social media only makes it more likely and easier for them to do so.

In fact, more customers than ever turn to social first when voicing a complaint. So it’s not only important for B2C brands to know what consumers want, need, and expect, they need to offer personalized messaging that inspires engagement, all while keeping an eye on social media customer care.

How do they do that? By looking beyond broad-swiping traditional demographics and using social media to define multiple audience segments to target – like kickboxers who enjoy protein after a workout, or moms who love a glass of wine at Paint Night.

These segments are smaller, but because they’re based on common interests among consumers, they offer brands and marketers the chance to connect more deeply using individualized messaging. And they transcend gender and age lines – meaning they likely wouldn’t have been discovered using traditional methods.

Creating and maintaining relationships

Customer behavior analysis tools find these segments and target them based on adjacencies – and major brands like 7-Eleven and Taco Bell have had enormous success using it as well.

But what about, say, financial services? In the past, financial services companies have had a hard time engaging on a human level with their audience. With social listening and monitoring tools like A3D, those in the financial sector can get to the heart of what consumers are sharing on social media.

And it’s not just their likes, dislikes, wants, needs, etc. – it’s emotion. Their hopes, dreams, anger, fears – all of it exists on social media for all brands to leverage.

If you had asked someone ten years ago whether they would be “friends” with their insurance company, they’d likely have laughed in your face. But when brands can really listen, and talk to their audience in a real, human way, why wouldn’t someone want to be friends with their tax guy?

Social listening works for everyone

It’s all about authenticity and relationships no matter the industry. For the B2C sector, responding to what consumers care about, in their language, wins the day. And it’s the same for nonprofits – social users want ALL brands to make it about THEM. Building that relationship is what makes them willing to spend, or give.

For B2B brands it’s not much different. Though for this sector, finding specifics and commonalities is even more valuable – because the relationships take longer to establish. On the upside, they last longer once you really connect.

Social media sentiment analysis and audience marketing help every industry – whether you’re a B2B brand sharing thought leadership content, or a B2C brand or nonprofit trying to connect with influencers to share your product or cause.

There really is a social media monitoring tool for everyone.

Ready to discover the right tool for your brand? Contact us and we’ll help you sort it out!

Image from COD Newsroom

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