The Best Social Media Software (1)

The average social media accounts held by a person today is 8.8 per person. That’s up over 83% since 2014. With all that online chatter, it’s become priority number one for brands to have social media monitoring software. Having the right one can save time and money for your company, as well as alert you to any developing crisis.

We’ve collected 12 social media monitoring tools that can serve your company well no matter if you’re on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. And as we go along, we’ll come across statistics that emphasize the need for social media monitoring software:

  • In 2020, over 6 billion people were using social media worldwide, this is projected to increase to 4.41 billion in 2025.
  • Facebook alone has 2.79 billion monthly active users and it’s the number one social media platform.
  • 73% of marketers believe that their efforts through social media marketing have been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their business
  • 54% of social browsers use social media to research products

Monitoring for the unexpected is critical to your brand health, developing new products or simply seeing what the competition is up to. Below is an example of a brands monthly volume of mentions via social media. They are experiencing a wave of positive sentiment over the past month. Presently the spikes are attributed to this store’s loyalty program and affordable options. On July 6 however we see a dip in sentiment where a customer tried to reach out to them via their Twitter and has received no response.


This is the type of engagement you as a brand don’t want to let go unaddressed, as it could quickly turn into something bigger. With social media monitoring software, your company can stay up to date and in the know at all times.

Without further ado – here’s our list of 12!

1. NetBase Quid

When it comes to social media monitoring, brands need to capture a complete picture. NetBase Quid captures the most complete picture for brands, with a social media monitoring abilities that harness social media, business profiles, forums, blogs, news articles, patent applications, consumer reviews, voice of customer, product reviews and the next-level option to bring your own data. The ability to integrate businesses’ CRM, survey and really all kinds of structured and unstructured data on hand – and then analyze it all in one place, offers companies an exceptional competitive advantage.

Contextualized insight found with social media monitoring is presented in stunning visuals that help brands understand – and communicate out – the voice of the customer to create unparalleled customer experiences.

Reach out for pricing information.

2. Keyhole

Keyhole is a social media monitoring software that helps you with your Twitter and Instagram accounts. You can monitor keywords, hashtags, URLs, and even usernames to see what your competition is up to. And you can view data in real-time and even look back to compare your performance with past endeavors. One fun aspect of this tool is their heat maps which give a great visual of your activity levels in certain parts of the world.


This social media monitoring tool has a free trial and then three tiers of pricing – $79, $159, and custom pricing for enterprise.


ANALISA is a tool that is used for both Instagram and TikTok. It is fairly comprehensive and offers easy to digest graphs that provide all the intel you need to help your brand strategize. You get access to metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and engagements. The standout here is the analytics dashboard which aids your brand in influencer optimization, follower demographics, and analysis of your competitors. On the dashboard you’ll view top used hashtags, caption words, tags, mentions and more. You can even download reports and access historical data as well.


There is a free Basic plan which lets you analyze unlimited TikTok profiles and hashtags. There are three tiers beyond that, each offering a little bit extra, they are priced $59, $109, and $199.

4. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is the official Twitter management dashboard. Here you can manage your Twitter accounts, as well as monitor those of your competition. It offers tracking of mentions, keywords, Twitter lists and more in separate columns. And it gives you the freedom to chose which you want to see so you’re only viewing what’s relevant to you as a company.


And you can’t beat the price as it’s free!

5. Buffer

Buffer enables you to schedule content to be posted on your Facebook page and groups, LinkedIn profiles and pages, Twitter and Pinterest. This saves a lot of time for you to be able to focus on other aspects of your business. Once posted, Buffer’s analytics tools track your posts to determine what is working and what isn’t. And of course, this is critical if you hope to stay on consumers’ radar.


The upside is you can reply to comments on your pages straight from your Buffer dashboard. The downside is their pricing for scheduling is separate from their analytics. Analytic packages start at $35 and go up to $50.

6. Zoho Social

Zoho Social is another social media monitoring software where you can publish, schedule posts, monitor activities, and analyze your brands social media performance. You’ll know instantly what is drawing your consumers in. Are they here for the funny memes, or are they drawn in by your approach to sustainability? Zoho tracks how consumers interact with your brand.


This social media monitoring tool supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Prices are tiered as such for businesses: $10 per month, $30 per month, 40 per month. For agencies it’s $230 annually and $330 annually.

7. Mention

Mention goes beyond just social media, which is a bonus. It monitors brand mentions across the web such as on Yelp,, Tripadvisor, and Amazon. It provides in-depth insights and reports of your brand mentions. And if you connect your social media, you’re able to reply directly to consumers comments within Mention and receive alerts when your company is mentioned online. This social media monitoring software can be integrated with Buffer for scheduling.


You can monitor a whole host of places such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, forums, and more.

This software is free to get started and then has 4 more pricing tiers: $29 per month, $99 per month, $199 and enterprise pricing is available upon request.

8. Iconosquare

Iconosquare’s focus is on Instagram but can be used for Facebook and Twitter. Its big boast is its customized feeds which allow you to monitor exactly what you want to see. For each feed, you can add up to 50 users and 20 hashtags. This is a great way to keep an eye on what’s trending, competition, and your influencer efforts. Additionally, it monitors Instagram’s Stories feature so you know which ads are catching the eyes of your consumers and which ones they are skipping.


They offer a free audit for Instagram and Facebook as well as a few other nifty free tools, including a 14-day free trial. For any heavy lifting however, you’ll need to step up to the paid versions. They have three tiers billed monthly with an annual agreement: $49, $79, and $139

9. Tailwind

Tailwind is built specifically for the visual social media competitors, Pinterest and Instagram. Like many social media monitoring software Tailwind enables you to monitor your content and your competitors. But it shines when it comes to highlighting intel on emerging trends, allowing your brand to take advantage. This tool identifies common keywords and topics used with your content to improve your Pinterest SEO, as well as pinpoints trending topics happening in real time.


There is a free version with very limited analytics. For anything advanced you’ll need to step up to one of their three paid plans: $9.99 per month, $19.99 per month, and $39.99 billed monthly.

10. Hootsuite

Facebook alone has 2.79 billion monthly active users and it’s the number one social media platform. And this is where Hootsuite’s monitoring tool can help you infiltrate the Facebook algorithm. With this social analytics tool, you can set up unlimited streams of social media content based on your mentions, selected keywords, hashtags, or locations. And you can filter by date, demographics, location, etc. You can “identify thought leaders, understand the perception of your brand in the market”. And one of the best features this social media monitoring software offers is that it integrates with more than a hundred apps. Which means you can do more from its dashboard.


Along with Facebook, it supports Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs, forums, and more.

Prices: Free account with limited tools. You can get a 30-day free trial with any of the paid plans with are priced as: $49 per month, $129 per month, $499 per month, and enterprise pricing is upon request.

11. Awario

Awario is a tool to monitor mentions of your brand, competitors and industry. One quality which stands out is its capability to preform Boolean queries for very specific use cases such as discovering plagiarized copies of your content or locating link-less brand mentions. The platform also offers a social selling tool, called Leads. The tool uses predictive insights to locate consumers looking for product recommendations. With 54% of social media users browsing social platforms to research products, having this tool is like finding gold. Awario offers influencers report as well as high level analytics such as sentiment analysis and language breakdowns.

This social media monitoring software supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, news and blogs, the web. They offer a free trial and pricing starts at $24, $74 and $249 monthly if billed annually.

12. Exolyt

EXOLYT is a TikTok analytics tool that aids you in measuring and tracking profiles focused on daily progress, follower count, engagement rates, video views, comments, and more. And it offers account comparison so you can keep two eyes on your competition at all times, including a side-by-side campaign comparison. Additionally with the influencer marketing growing from 6.5 billion to 13.8 billion U.S. dollars between 2019 and 2021, it’s a great way to keep on top of your influencers. Once you have everything, you can compile all your findings into reports and present these to your clients, or investors. Or simply use the results to better strategize.


A free account is available. However, if you want raw power, you’ll need to pay. Luckily, they are affordable starting at $11.68 per month and going up two more tiers to $47.19 and $235.99.

73% of marketers believe that their efforts through social media marketing have been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their business. Making these efforts run smoothly is social media monitoring software. If you need a pair of extra arms for the heavy lifting and to aid you in strategy, reach out for a demo!

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