20 Social Media Monitoring Software Tools for Your Business

Collecting data online has never been more critical. It’s where consumers talk about everything, including products and brands. Knowing what they are saying is imperative to getting your brand’s messaging right. And it is where social media monitoring software comes in!

What is Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring tools search for and organize the online buzz from the social web, helping your company stay ahead of the curve, tracking and measuring your brand’s impact where it counts most – with your consumers.

Seventy-seven percent of brands are already using social media to maintain their reputation, and 71% use it to build and engage their community. And they’re using social media monitoring software to help them navigate the waters safely. In fact, the social media monitoring software market is expected to reach USD 41.8 billion by 2027, highlighting its growing popularity in today’s market.

In this article, we’re sharing 20 social media monitoring tools you may want to consider for your business. Here’s why:

  • 39% of customers only trust brands if they have interacted with them on social platforms.
  • Social media monitoring helps your brand develop and maintain a consistent brand image and presence, and research shows a consistent brand image can increase revenue by 33 percent.
  • 32% of consumers expect a response within 30 minutes on social media. 42% expect a response within 60 minutes. You can’t respond to things you’re missing!

Additionally, in the last year more companies have adopted remote working, and this has led to a 43% increase in the time consumers spend on social networks daily. And with all of that in mind, let’s begin!

2021 state of social report

1) eclincher

Schedule your posts and then sit back and monitor the results. Eclincher uses a single dashboard to help keep all of your monitoring in one place, which saves you time. And time is money as we well know. This brings us to one of their highlights, which is the ability to automate mundane tasks such as bulk scheduling, RSS feeds and queues. This allows you to focus on engaging with your consumers online. And as 39% of consumers only trust brands if they’ve interacted with them on social media, the ability to free up space for consumer interaction is critical.

2) NetBase Quid

When it comes to social media monitoring, brands want to have an immediate overview of the consumer and market conversation happening online. NetBase Quid offers real-time explorations into a wide array of social web and news sources, including social media platforms, blogs, comment data, employee and consumer review sites and so much more. Brands love that they can capture not only text-based intel, but also emojis and imagery. And this tool is able to parse precise meanings of nuanced pieces of content that may contain sarcasm or slang.

3) Hootsuite

For someone not completely familiar with social media monitoring and listening, Hootsuite is a great place to get your feet wet. Their Hootsuite Academy teaches you all the basics you need to know for your brands success, including how to create a social media strategy that will drive results. Their tool features content curation, organization, scheduling, monitoring, and RSS integration. And for NetBase Quid users, their platform is fully integratable with ours!

4) Loomly   

This social media monitoring software is still growing but offers some solid social monitoring and client management features. You can manage all your social media posts and ads from one platform. Plus, Loomly is great for teams, so you can see when someone from yours makes a change. This keeps everyone on the same page at all times, and provides consistent brand messaging. Equally important is its Interactions feature, which allows to comment and engage your audience on multiple social media platforms, all from within Loomly.

5) Sendible

sendible-imagerysendible-imageryMonitor keywords and mentions of your brand on Sendible. This will keep your team in the know about any hot topics that are trending, as well as keep you informed on how consumers perceive your brand. You can be armed and ready to switch gears in a second to accommodate the changing tastes of consumers or address any misconceptions that may be floating around about your company.

6) Buffer

This is another great introductory social analytics tool. It has scheduling for multiple social media platforms, making content planning and publishing a breeze. Perhaps one of this social media monitoring software’s features is their comparison tool that shows paid vs organic results of boosted posts – you won’t have to guess what’s paying off and this will keep your company financially frugal at all times. Additionally, they offer audience demographics so you know if you’re reaching your targeted audience. Also viewable are metrics such as reach, engagement and comments.

7) Later

This is another popular choice for those who use Instagram as their primary source of social media. It was made for Instagram specifically and as such offers some great features, such as ways to search, find and keep track of user generated content (UGC). Utilizing this tool helps you reach audiences that may not be aware of your brand and come off as more authentic, as people trust individual people. It also humanizes your brand by putting your audience as the face of your company. Later allows you to track hashtags and mentions, then save them to schedule for a later postdate.

8) Zoho Social’s Platform


Sales IQ is a feature of this social media monitoring software that stands out. Zoho’s social media monitoring tool identifies what your audience are most interested in. You can then use that information to promote your products, or create new ones that they’re searching for that currently don’t exist – possibly establishing yourself as a first mover in the space! Sales IQ also helps you listen in on conversations so you can tailor your messaging, ensuring that you are reaching your target audience.

9)  BrandMentions

Emotion drives purchasing behaviors, and it’s for this reason brands need to keep their fingers on consumer sentiment about, well, everything! It’s a lot to keep track of, but sentiment monitoring is a core building stone of any social media monitoring software tool. BrandMentions has you covered there. Track how consumers perceive your brand, campaign and messaging on an emotional level. Use this intel to make adjustments so your brand will stand out and appeal more to your target crowd.

10)  YouScan

Keeping track of mentions and hashtags is important, but so is image recognition. HOw is your brand’s logo being displayed? How is it being used in photos? This is a very critical part of monitoring social media. Image recognition can spot infringements, as well as give you very specific intel on how consumers are using your product. You can even filter further for images that only show selfies for example, to narrow your field. Then you can analyze the photos for details on the predominant people, activities, objects, and scenes interacting with your brand.

11) Digimind Social


This social media monitoring software reveals brand’s mentions, but then sorts them into categories for you. It then gives each a mention and sentiment rating, helping your brand understand how your consumers feel about your company. Additionally, Digimind Social reveals your brand image based on Google search behavior. You can track this in real time to see what your consumers want from your brand and products, enabling you to meet your consumers needs quickly.

12)  Nexalogy

This tool does a little of everything, taking all the unstructured data floating around on social platforms and organizing it for easy consumption. But one of the great items it offers is the chance to uncover social influencers who can aid you brand in reaching more demographics of people. Locate them by searching most popular topics tweeted, or by searching most retweeted people.

2021 state of social report

13) Cyfe

Having multiple social media accounts can get really overwhelming when you’re trying to decipher which one is performing the best. This is where Cyfe succeeds. On top of offering the usual suspects in measuring traffic, reach and engagements, they have an all-in-one dashboard which gathers all your metrics from Instagram, Facebook and more, and places it in one feed. This way you can do a side-by-side comparison and measure which social platform is performing best.

14)  Keyhole

keyhole-imageryTikTok made hashtag campaigns more popular, and so it’s really nice to have a social media analytics tool that can track and analyze them! Keyhole does this and more. It offers all the basic tracking that any good social media monitoring software should, such as the number of posts, engagement rate, and the total reach and impressions your hashtags have generated.

15) Mention

Mention has many features that are must-haves for social media monitoring. But one that is imperative to protecting your brand health is alerts. You can set up alerts for anything. Choose your terms to track and specify which platforms, languages and even countries. You can specify real time to see what the current buzz is, or chose to see more historical data for comparison. And for a more custom result, choose a Boolean search alert. Either of these alerts help brands have a timely response to complaints logged on social media. And research shows that 32% of consumers expect a response within 30 minutes and 42% expect a response within 60 minutes, so setting up those alerts could be a lifesaver.

16) Awario

To get comprehensive coverage of your brand, you need to monitor not only social media, but blogs and forums as well. Awario tracks brand mentions all over the internet to bring you a more rounded view of how your brand is perceived.  Between 2014 and 2020, the number of bloggers increased by 10 million and currently there are 600 million active blogs worldwide. With 70% of people preferring to learn about a company through articles rather than advertisements, knowing what bloggers are saying is critical. And having a tool which can locate and track mentions within the blog-o-sphere is invaluable.

17) Reputology

reputology-imagerySocial media monitoring software is only as good as its semantic analysis. It’s important that your social media monitoring tool interprets the meaning of words correctly, or you’re getting bad intel on how consumers mention your brand online. Reputology offers semantic analysis in their social media monitoring tools. You’re able to distinguish the meanings of “sus” for suspect or suspicious and other newer trending words. This tool offers much more monitoring beyond this, but this in particular is the star!

18) ReviewInc

This tool focuses on reviews from all over the internet including social review sites like Goggle, Yelp, Tripadvisor and Facebook. It’s been reported that when a consumer has a bad experience they will tell between 9-10 people, and sometimes one of those “people” is an online review site. You don’t want to be on the bad side of that. Tracking these sites for brand mentions can aid you in stopping a possible PR crisis in its tracks. Additionally, 76% of people are using online review sites before making a purchase. ReviewInc can track what’s being said, good or bad, so you can make informed decisions.

19) 76Insights

This social media monitoring software has a focus on creating and encouraging engagement online. You can create and publish content directly from the tool, and then moderate and manage any discussions straight from the tool. It pinpoints articles, posts and social interests that resonate with people so that you can be sure you’re talking about what your consumers want to hear.

20) NapoleonCat

napolean-cat-imageryIf you manage multiple social media accounts, replying to all the messages and comments can be taxing if you have to constantly log out and in of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. NapoleonCat offers a Social Inbox which keeps all your engagements in one spot, eliminating the need to go to each social platforms site. This saves you valuable time and keeps you abreast of anything that requires immediate attention. You can filter the inbox for complaints, questions, reviews, comments on paid content and even trolls, giving you a streamline experience.

Social media monitoring software needs to be all encompassing, with tracking and measuring happening around all aspects of your brand’s business. Having a tool that can do everything that we’ve explored above is essential to staying on track in a busy, overcrowded market. Want to learn more about having it all? Be sure to reach out for a demo!

2021 state of social report

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