It’s 2019 and time for another fast-paced year where brands are made and broken at the speed of social. Though periodic reports are useful for spotting patterns and tracking overall trajectory, live insights are critical to brand survival. Thank goodness for real-time dashboards. Here’s how they help you win:

Identify Trends and Influencers

What’s the best party that ever happened? It’s typically the one you weren’t invited to. With real-time social dashboards you’re never left out though – and you get to choose the data that matters most.

View anything from popular hashtags and emojis, to Net Sentiment and Brand Passion, to understand the depth of consumer love about emerging topics, or to spot influencers gaining sudden ground.

With data coming in real-time, you can be first to leverage a viral meme, or respond to a consumer need before your competitors do. Or narrow your insights to a particular region and be ready to act when sporting events take unexpected turns.

This is how agencies like Spong use real-time dashboards for brands like Thermos. When blink-182 bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus tweeted a video about his Thermos named Nicolas to his 2.6 million Twitter followers, the uptick in activity caught Spong’s attention – even though he hadn’t tagged Thermos in his post.

They eventually formed a partnership with Mark, launching the Hi My Name Is Mark Genuine Thermos Brand limited-edition bottle, with giveaways on his Twitter channels and the Thermos Facebook page.

Understand and Adapt Live Campaigns

If you wait for a campaign to finish before assessing its impact, you’re doing it wrong. Real-time dashboards let you follow progress in the moment, so you can adjust as needed based on the data coming in.

Lloyds Banking Group is one example of a brand that uses dashboards to look at the performance of paid content on social for the sake of comparisons to survey-based research. They know surveys can result in participants saying what they think a brand wants to hear, but on social those insights are unfiltered.

Of course, live dashboard data can inspire new campaigns and content as well as keep those in progress on track.

Brands like Chick-fil-A and Chili’s each have regular sessions where they review social insights to push content out in a matter of hours. And many brands use our LIVE Pulses to track social chatter leading up to major events like the Super Bowl, etc.

A look at the NFL LIVE Pulse at press time

Recognize and Resolve Issues Before They Become Crises

Real-time is never more useful than when negative sentiment is brewing. When there are issues, you want to know about them long before things reach critical mass – which is why real-time alerts are so beneficial.

This is another way Lloyds Bank uses NetBase – to assess risk using automated alerts about damaging keywords connected to their brand.

Post Office Ltd similarly uses real-time dashboards to stay informed of customer service issues, and misinformation being shared on social.

Acting quickly makes all the difference when a crisis is on the horizon, so having early access to negative consumer sentiment is paramount.

For Post Office, taking action based on real-time data resulted in:

  • Improved operational efficient and lower wait times across locations
  • 113% increase in campaign effectiveness
  • 80% reduction in misinformation about Post Office shared online

Report to the C-Suite on Brand Status

Real-time, visual dashboards are especially convenient for reporting to busy executives – who need clear and accurate information quickly to inform decisions that affect all areas of operations.

With customizable dashboard configurations, each business area can view the metrics that matter, zoom in on specifics as needed, without missing a beat.

Sample dashboard for Starbucks

Given that competitors have access to all the same insights you do on social, this kind of speed and accuracy is table stakes.

As for those weekly, monthly and annual reports – they still have their place when it comes time to assess ROI over longer stretches, and to look for patterns that recur seasonally. But they are far from the only – or even most useful – way to analyze social data.

The best option is to keep it real – real-time, that is. Then you’ll never be caught off guard.

Want to see our real-time visual dashboards in action? Reach out for a customized demo.


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