Ever wonder what it’s like in the command center of a major brand during a national event like the Super Bowl?  This weekend you can get a glimpse of the experience by following our Super Bowl LIVE Pulses.

These live social dashboards give brands in-the-moment insights – and for the next few days you can follow along as we take a look at the social conversations happening around the NFL’s biggest annual match-up.

Lessons in LIVE

The Super Bowl, like life, happens in real-time. That means marketers hoping to capitalize on the hype surrounding the game need a real-time view of fans’ reactions. And there’s a lot people will be talking about.

Obviously the two teams will be the prime focus for most who’ll be watching. At press time both teams were neck and neck for impressions and strong positive sentiment (below), but mentions for the Carolina Panthers were nearly double the Denver Broncos’. Seems Panther fans are a bit more vocal – but will that hold true? Keep following the Panthers vs. Broncos LIVE Pulse to find out!



And what about those who are in it for the commercials (and a lot of viewers are!)?  We’re got LIVE Pulses set up for a few different areas to see what jumps out leading up to – and during – game time.

The Super Bowl wouldn’t be complete without snacks, beer, soda, etc, so we’ve got a Food & Beverage LIVE Pulse running to clue us into happenings on that front.


Not surprisingly, “Clydesdales” is the top emerging topic for Budweiser (at least right now). Will the “King of Beers” give us more Clydesdale-puppy cuteness? Will fans love it or hate it? We’ll all know together on Sunday night! We’re also following Pepsi/Mountain Dew, Doritos, Skittles, and Yum! Brands.

We’ll see how other brand categories do winning over fans with their Super Bowl ad stylings as well. Our Automotive LIVE Pulse is following General Motors, Hyundai/Kia, Honda/Acura, Ford/Lincoln, and Mini to see what fans’ expectations are.

Finally, as tax season is right around the corner, and the Super Bowl audience is ripe for reminding, we’re following Esurance, PayPal, TurboTax, and SunTrust and Quicken Loans in our Financial LIVE Pulse. Before you think this Pulse is less than exciting, take a look at the fact that “big coin toss” is an emerging topic. That’s thanks to Esurance’s million-dollar sweepstakes, which already has social users retweeting away. Brilliant.

Make your moment

The great thing about LIVE Pulses is they help brands spot trends as they’re emerging, and respond to situations as they’re happening. What brand didn’t wish they were as quick as Oreo after the blackout during Super Bowl XLVII? Their “You can still dunk in the dark” campaign – conceived and executed on the fly – still has marketers buzzing enviously.

And what did Oreo’s quick reflexes get them?

  • more than 6,000 ‘favorites’ to date
  • more than 15,000 re-tweets to date
  • an unforgettable association with the famous “Blackout” Bowl

This is the benefit of social media listening in real-time – ability to respond as things are happening. Anything less is too late.

Of course, it’s impossible to predict what game-time shenanigans brands will have to respond to – but we’ll be keeping a close eye on these four fronts to see where they fit in the social conversation, and how they respond accordingly.

We hope you’ll make following along part of your Super Bowl 50 experience. Share your predictions, observations, and anything else with us on Twitter. Or reach out sooner if you want your own LIVE Pulse to follow before Sunday’s kickoff!

Image from Mike Mozart



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