3004595893_2fd8ffdbe3_mReal-time social media monitoring gives marketers an instant connection to the most sought-after target audiences. For candidates in the upcoming presidential election, one of those audiences is surely Latino voters.

How can the candidates best reach them? That’s a question we’ll answer at Brand Innovators Mega-Trends, in Las Vegas, Tuesday, January 5, 2016. This event, happening as part of the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is just one of many we’ll be participating in this month.

Here’s why this one shouldn’t be missed.

Social media listening for a dimensional view

Gaining the trust and support of voters is never easy. Making random promises based on what candidates think the Latino community wants is certainly not going to help any of those in the running. Especially when taking the time to do some deep social media listening can tell them exactly what Latinos are looking for in a presidential candidate.

How? By looking past the demographic of “Latinos between the ages of (insert age-range here)” and diving into the adjacencies Latinos are sharing on social media. It’s not enough for the candidates to take notice when social users mention their name. There’s much more information they can put to good use.

For example, what issues are Latino voters most passionate about? Don’t assume; just because they cared about something four years ago doesn’t mean it’s relevant now. The candidates need to be looking at social data in real time.

They also need to understand Latino voters’ hopes, dreams, passions, frustrations, hobbies, work habits, etc. if they want to connect with them. How can any of the candidates promise a better future without understanding what that means to voters?

Looking at this deeply personal information, the candidates can find smaller segments of Latino voters whose visions coincide. And then offer up personalized messaging to those segments.

Go deeper with social media sentiment analysis

But that’s not all the candidates should be looking at. How Latinos feel is just as important as what they say. Do they love what Hillary stands for? Or has Trump got them fired up? Do they hate Bernie Sanders? What about Jeb Bush?

The campaign teams need to look not just at their own candidates, but at their competition, and assess Latinos’ emotions about their platforms. And, of course, they need to understand how Latinos feel about the things that matter most in their own lives – and use that information to craft campaign messaging that’s meaningful.

And it’s crucial that they can understand these insights whether they are in English, Spanish, slang, sarcasm, or written in emojis. Otherwise they won’t have a complete picture.

Lucky for them, our Audience 3D™ tool can do all of the above for the Presidential hopefuls, and for brands and marketers besides.

If you want to see a demo and hear more about how A3D works, make sure you join us at Brand Innovators Mega-Trends on January 5 in Las Vegas.

Or reach out to us now, if you can’t attend the event or want to know more about YOUR most important audiences.

Image from Erik (HASH) Hersman


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