The 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards are just a few days away, and music fans the world over are already singing nominees’ praises on Twitter. Here’s what we found when we tuned in – and how marketers can tap into the GRAMMYs to get more out of their campaigns:

Who cares about the GRAMMYs?

Net sentiment towards the GRAMMYs is generally positive, with the emotions cloud showing high levels of excitement and support for nominees. The negative emotions seem to stem from people who aren’t engaged with the awards at all (for example, “boring,” “stupid,” and “not care about”) although there’s still evidence to suggest that some fans are unhappy with the nominations (see “joke” and “mad”).


Generally, though, the emotions cloud suggests a buzzy, excited type of positivity – and for marketers, that’s the best kind. Excitement is mobilizing, and leads to actions like seeking out more content, sharing this content with other fans, and talking about anything that feeds into the source of the excitement.

While tapping into this energy at GRAMMY-level allows marketers to transfer some of that buzz to their brand, using social media listening to find out where loyalties lie can be even more lucrative.

Super-fans and content distribution

Taylor Swift’s following is huge, and her fans are extremely passionate content consumers – and creators. With Swift nominated for multiple awards, you can bet her fans will be making some noise.

Using a sentiment analysis tool like Audience3DTM, marketers can create psychographic micro-segments based on fans’ common interests – how about Taylor Swift and people who like makeup, or Taylor Swift and teenagers who plan on watching the GRAMMYs with friends and snacks?

Data gathered from social media listening can be diced and sliced in different ways depending on marketing goals and industry. For consumer brands looking to boost sales, a compilation of Swift’s outfits alongside similar items offered by the brand itself could be a good opportunity – and for brands looking to ride the GRAMMY wave to get some extra reach, simply showing they’re backing Swift could be effective.

Super-fans are a huge resource when it comes to content distribution – brands just need to provide them with new ways of talking about the artists they love.

GRAMMY predictions

We used our social media monitoring tools to investigate which artists are generating the most buzz in their category – and there’s a lot of talk about Taylor Swift, although that’s no real surprise.

For Record of the Year, support for Taylor Swift is overwhelming:


And for Non-Classical Producer of the Year, nobody stands a chance against Diplo:


At 49,600 mentions, Megan Trainor’s leading the Best New Artist race, with James Bay not far behind at 37,840.

Interestingly, Adele fans are also making a lot of noise, despite the artist not being nominated. Net sentiment is 83% positive for Adele, and there are 79,000 mentions of her in relation to the GRAMMYs. Her album was released two months after the GRAMMY deadline, so her exclusion is not a snub – but depending on how knowledgeable fans are on the rules, they might not see it this way.

We’re curious to see how fans’ predictions will match up to the awards, and will be watching on February 15 to find out. Putting our social media monitoring tools to work during and after the ceremony could reveal some interesting insights into fan reactions and emotions – and you can bet we’ll be checking those out, too!

Want to discover the exciting ways your brand can ride the GRAMMY wave? Reach out for a live demo of the NetBase platform!

Image from Cinemo

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