Social Media Listening: Enhancing Consumer Experience in Retail

Kimberly Surico |
 03/02/16 |
3 min read


The consumer experience doesn’t end with your store and your products. Social media is a growing part of the experience equation – and if you neglect this channel, you could fall out of favor quickly.

On March 8, join NetBase Product Marketing Manager Ryan Taketa at Brand Innovators – Future of Consumer Experience & Retail in Dallas to find out how top brands are using social media listening tools and consumer sentiment analysis to improve and influence the consumer experience. It’s more important than you may realize.

Hey, you guuuuys!

Though it’s also a benefit, the amplification that social channels offer can work against your brand if you aren’t careful. You’ve got to understand how consumers feel about your brand at all times, because it doesn’t take long for WOM (especially when it’s negative) to spread.

Not solving a complaint from a disgruntled customer can’t be shrugged off as a “you win some, you lose some” scenario. When that one customer rants to their 500+ Facebook friends, including influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers, your brand can find itself in serious trouble.

What Ryan will share is how social monitoring can warn you of trouble at the single customer stage – so you can correct problems before they spread like wildfire across social platforms.

He’ll also explain why it’s critical to catch these kinds of issues in real-time, because even if your brand is on top there’s no guarantee you’ll stay there.

Evidence of this is in the NetBase Brand Passion Report: Luxury Brands 2016. Two luxury mainstays – Armani and Versace – dropped completely out of the top 70 in the span of a year. Other brands, like eBay, catapulted up the list unexpectedly. Neither of these events was predictable by looking at the data from year one of our research. And that’s the important takeaway here: social insights must be gathered in real-time to be valuable.

Can I help you?

Whatever Armani and Versace did to drop the ball with their audience, they likely wish they’d been paying closer attention before it got to that point.

Ryan will speak to a variety of use cases to illustrate the importance of social customer service as part of the overall brand experience – because not all brands are doing it, and they should be.

If your customer service options don’t include social, you’re ignoring a huge opportunity to wow consumers – not least because you’ll stand out against the other behind-the-times brands out there.

Additionally, if the only energy you expend on social is “pushing” your brand’s attributes at consumers, you’re missing the mark. Social media has become a consumer-centric channel, and consumers know the power is in their hands. Just as when they walk into your store, they want to be appreciated and treated like VIPs on social media.

To do that, you’ve got to take advantage of the data social users are sharing and meet them where they are. It takes a personalized, human approach – and the ability to decode slanguage and emojis too. Because if you can’t speak their language, how can you possibly connect?

A dimensional view of consumers

Social media listening offers a lot of opportunities for meaningful connection. Ryan will demonstrate how brands have used NetBase’s Audience 3D™ to create audience microsegments based on shared consumer interests. Taking the analysis beyond your own brand allows you to see what consumers talk about “in the wild” – and what means the most to them. Then you can offer up a brand experience tailored specifically to them. Talk about a wow factor.

So make sure you join us on March 8 for Brand Innovators – Future of Consumer Experience & Retail in Dallas. It’ll be an experience to remember.

If you can’t be there, you can contact us for a free demo of all the social media listening tools we offer.

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