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To build effective campaigns and create successful content, marketers need to harness the force of social media listening and connect with their audience on a segmented, personal level. Senior Director of Product Marketing Chris Leet will be talking about just how to achieve that in our upcoming presentation at the Chief Marketing Technologist Exchange in Ojai, CA on January 24-26.

His plenary session, “How to Use Social Data for Effortless Audience Marketing – Every Time,” takes place Sunday at 1:25 pm at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. Chris will share how consumer experience impacts brand loyalty, and explain how to segment your audience while discovering emerging trends in real-time. Here’s a taste of what to expect:

Awakening the force of social media listening

We might be guilty of having a mild Star Wars obsession right now, but a record-smashing movie, with a huge and diverse fan-base, gives us a wealth of audience segments to draw from. With enthusiasts ranging from parents who first saw the movie with their kids in 1977, to teens discovering the franchise for the first time, The Force Awakens presents a marketing opportunity that surely only an actual Jedi could seize. Or could you seize it, too?

Psychographics and social behavior data are your loyal companions here (think Han and Chewie, not Jar Jar). To connect individually – and at scale – with consumers, it’s vital to understand who they are and what matters to them.

Harnessing the power of consumer experience

There’s a good chance that a significant percentage of your audience have seen The Force Awakens by now. But that on its own means nothing: one, it’s just an assumption, and two, it’s not enough information to allow you to connect meaningfully with anyone. The net it casts is too broad. It’s “men, women and children aged between 5 and 75 who’ve seen a Star Wars movie at some point.” What use is that to a content strategist?

With social media sentiment analysis, you can break it down to uncover common consumer interests, and connect on a personal, individualized level with much smaller segments of your audience. How about Star Wars fans who are also studying medicine? Or people who are ordering pizza and hosting a Star Wars movie marathon at home?

Only when you use social media listening to drill down like this can you engage with your audience on a meaningful level. At the Chief Marketing Technologist Exchange, Chris will be explaining the impact this has on brand loyalty and revenue.

Where social media sentiment analysis is taking real brands

Moving beyond standard demographic targeting gives you a dimensional understanding of the people you’re trying to reach. On Sunday January 24 you’ll also learn about 7-Eleven’s experience using Netbase Audience 3D™ to run simultaneous campaigns targeting different segments of consumers.

The challenge? Getting the word out about an app-exclusive loyalty program without diverting audience attention away from 7-Eleven Day. Understandably, 7-Eleven was concerned that the excitement of free Slurpees might prevent their new app feature from getting the attention it deserved.

Using A3D, 7-Eleven built an audience of mobile users and honed in on the common interests they could use to engage them, like enthusiasm over coffee and breakfast. Chris will be explaining how your brand can use the same tactics.

His session will cover exactly how audience segmentation works, and how this feeds into campaign development. When he’s done, your brand will be a social “force” to be reckoned with.

If you’re eager to learn more about harnessing the force of social media listening, request an invitation to join us at the Chief Marketing Technologist Exchange January 24-26 in Ojai, CA. Or reach out for more info now.

Image from Kenny Louie


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