More than most, fashion and beauty brands must keep an eye on trends if they want to stay relevant. But trends can influence any industry – so how do brands keep track of those newly emerging, and those falling by the wayside? Can social media listening help?

Absolutely. And “how” is just part of what we’ll discuss at this year’s Brand Innovators Fashion & Beauty event in New York City on February 12.

NetBase marketing manager Sean Chauhan and Localspeak owner/partner Candida McCollam, will look specifically at how trends affect luxury brands – and how all brands can benefit from deep social listening strategies.

Find out what they want, what they really, really want

The “beauty” of social media is it’s a platform for consumers to share everything they’re into – which equals a goldmine of information for brands and marketers. The challenge is sifting through that goldmine for the best insights and applying them well.

What matters most to consumers? That’s something our newest tool, Audience 3D™, is designed to uncover – helping brands apply psychographics to their social analysis. Psychographics are the deeper interests that help define unique audience segments for marketers to target.

Sean and Candida will offer examples of how this works, and why it’s important to tailor your messaging to multiple smaller segments – versus broader, generalized messaging to all your followers. It’s got to do with personalization – a major buzzword right now.

Making things personal means using the newest innovations in social media monitoring tools to find out what consumers really, really want, need, love, hate, etc.

If you haven’t seen a demonstration of A3D, this will be an opportunity to learn how awesome brands are using it to see their audience in more dimensions.

And what about those luxury brands we mentioned?

Which way will the pendulum swing?

Using A3D we documented the social ups-and-downs of the world’s top 45 luxury brands over a two-year period. We just released the results for year two in our NetBase Brand Passion Report: Luxury Brands 2016, and there are definitely some surprises.

Some major – and classic – luxury brands that were on top when we started the study fell several places in the second year. That tells us consumers’ hearts are fickle, and their loyalty may only be as long as their attention spans – impacting brand relevance with the click of a mouse or tap on a mobile device.

And who saw watches making a comeback? With Apple leading the way, perhaps everyone should have.

Which brings us back to trends. Using social listening to understand what consumers care about right now gives brands the opportunity to respond – not just with personalized messaging, but with product changes and social customer service to create an experience worth retweeting.

Sean and Candida will share the insights and strategies brands need to succeed – no matter what niche they’re in. But if your niche is beauty or fashion, you’ll most definitely want to join us.

Have to miss the NYC leg of our 2016 tour? Check out the NetBase Brand Passion Report: Luxury Brands 2016, and let us know how we can help you start tracking trends today.

Image from Emily Cox

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