Social intelligence is more than a buzzword – and it’s more than something brands can use to find out what’s being said about THEM online. The goal now is to get to know CONSUMERS – because doing so is what gets the results brands want.

How? Find out on February 10th  during the presentation, “Powering and Optimizing Your Brand with Social Intelligence” at the Social Media Summit in Las Vegas. Ryan Taketa, Product Marketing Manager at NetBase, and Ted Tagalakis, Director of Marketing Science and Digital Strategy at Ames Scullin O’Haire Advertising, will show you how one brand turned around their business by tapping into their consumers’ preferences.

Why is that so important?

Social media has shifted the power to consumers

The goals of brands/marketers and consumers on social media are at odds. While brands wish to promote their offerings and generate sales, consumers see social as an opportunity to broadcast “The Me Show” 24/7. Consumers don’t want brands marketing at them – and they don’t need it. They know where to find the information they want at their convenience.

For brands to have any impact, they’ve got to make their approach about consumers. Only brands that create intimate and authentic connections with social users will succeed now.

This is where social intelligence software comes in. The data gathered by social media analytics tools allows brands to access consumers’ wants, desires, habits, passions and needs to create more effective campaigns. Marketers no longer have to resort to circus tricks to “get” consumers – they can get insights directly from the source. And they can make changes in real-time when it’s clear things aren’t working.

To that end, Ted Tagalakis will share how his company, Ames Scullin O’Haire Advertising, tapped into social data to overcome business challenges in just this manner. And Ryan will share additional case studies from major brands like 7-Eleven and Taco Bell for further proof. And maybe he’ll dive into some insights on the Star Wars phenomenon just for fun.

Transcend traditional demographic categories

These case studies will show attendees how to move beyond broad demographic data to find people with shared interests across demographics. These micro-segments let brands cast a wider net – finding new audiences, and targeting them with messaging that rings true at an individualized level.

For example, a women’s organic fabric clothing brand, with styles aimed at those in the Millennials age group, might focus their messaging on that demographic, as that’s their presumed audience. However, if they dive deeper into what else this audience is discussing on social they might find the following segments:

  • Women of all ages with sensitivity to synthetic fabrics
  • Book club members of all ages who love organic clothing and vegan food
  • Paddle ball players of all ages in search of athletic clothes made of natural fabrics that breathe better

By focusing on common interests – instead of age – they can discover new audiences they didn’t know would love their brand.

And they can create campaigns geared specifically toward them.

Know when to hold ’em

But there’s even more that social intelligence can offer brands. Ryan and Ted will explain the importance of using social monitoring to catch crises in the early stages – before they go viral and do serious damage to your brand.

And much, much more. So book your flight today, and plan to join us on February 10th  for “Powering and Optimizing Your Brand with Social Intelligence” at the Social Media Summit. It’s one thing that doesn’t have to stay in Vegas.

Are you in the “know when to fold ’em” contingent? Reach out and we’ll be happy to share all that NetBase can do for your brand one-on-one.

Image from Justin Sewell

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