Did you know brand return on investment has been tied to return on love? This fact makes social media analytics a crucial component, as social data shows you where you’ve got the love, and where you need to inject a little more.

Let’s explore this topic using the NetBase Brand Passion Report 2018: Top Loved French Brands to illustrate.

What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Brand love is the guidepost that tells you how you’re doing on a number of fronts:

  • Marketing strategies
  • Products and services
  • Relative to competitors
  • Customer service
  • Overall customer experience

Our latest report looks at the overall top loved brands in the six key industries in France as discussed on social media channels (French-language posts) from January, 2017 through December, 2017.

If your brand falls into the Technology, Fashion, Automotive, Food and Beverage, Beauty, or Luxury categories, you’ll be particularly interested in what we found. However, all brands can learn from the lessons these insights reveal.

For example, Technology is the predominant industry getting brand love on social in France. Maybe a partnership with a tech brand would shoot your brand into the stratosphere. Of course, not all brands are created equal. That’s why social listening is an all-the-time operational necessity.

You have to know where you stand with your audience, and against the rest of your field, so you can make smart decisions. Any kind of guesswork is a waste of resources.

By the way, we saw this love for technology in our German report as well. There the top brand is Google. In France, it’s Playstation. In both cases that #1 ranking isn’t just in the tech category – it’s overall. Germans love Google. And gaming is huge in France. Interesting, oui?

Scandal is Never in Fashion

How about brands in the Fashion industry? One of our top 5 – in the #3 spot overall – is Zara. However, when we break things down a bit, it’s clear Zara shouldn’t get too comfortable in the top spot.

H&M gave up a lot of ground with their racist catalog ad scandal – even so they have a high engagements ratio to total image posts. With twice as many image posts, Zara only has 32% more engagement. If H&M can get their brand back on track, they have the earned media potential to unseat Zara, Pimkie, or Adidas.

Then again, Adidas has impressive influence and earned media strength as well. Though  #6 on our overall list, and #2 in the Fashion category, Adidas’ engagements-per-post ratio is right up there with Zara and H&M.

Be Sure Your Social Strategy is Driving Engagement

And what of the Automotive brands that made our love list? Renault tops the list, with an overall rank of 20th, but here again the devil is in the details.

Looking at the various metrics of the six brands in the Automotive category, we see that Renault is strong across the board, with the most mentions, posts, and engagements-per-post ratio.

But look at BMW/Mini. They’ve got the second highest percent of mentions, along with the highest sentiment – but this isn’t translating to high engagement for them, despite showing the highest number of image posts.

They need to apply some real-time monitoring, as well as a bit of competitive analysis, to understand the content that will motivate their fans to amplify their messaging.

Les Choses Sont Bonnes pour les Marques de Beauté

Things are great for the Beauty brands on our list – in case you need a translation. Two – Sephora and L’Oreal – made the top five, in the second and fifth spots respectively.

Passion for Beauty brands is super high – higher than many other categories – with just as high an engagements-per-post ratio.

Sephora benefits from being a distributor of multiple cosmetic brands – similar to love for Olive Young stores in Korea – but consumers also love Sephora brand products.

Speaking of benefits, U.S. brand Benefit is extremely popular in France – demonstrating the importance of understanding trends in the markets you want to reach.

Benefit offers more than 50 eyebrow products alone – something that speaks directly to the eyebrow trend among French consumers. There’s big love for the American brand thanks to their large internet presence and trend marketing strategy.

Look for Love in All the Right Places

It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand in France, Germany, the U.S. or anywhere else – social media analytics point you to the love, and love is how you find and connect to your audience.

Look for love relative to trends, products, competitors, content, and anything else you can think of, and you’ll never go wrong. And where there’s a lack of love, recognize that as an opportunity to redirect your efforts.

Do that and your brand may top the rankings of our next report. Who wouldn’t love that?

For more, and to see which Food & Beverage and Luxury brands ranked in France, download the full NetBase Brand Passion Report 2018: Top Loved French Brands today. And reach out for a demo of our social analytics tools and where your brand love ranks in your category.



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