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How to Get the Most from Your Social Listening Tools

Social listening solutions offer businesses so much customer experience insight, and it’s important to know how to capture every last bit of it – and to know what to do with it when you have it! This is where complementary products come in. We have guidance for you below around how to get the most from your social listening using all of these solutions together – or apart.


NetBase delivering fast consumer insights

NetBase is the most accurate social listening product on the market. It offers real-time, transparent insight that stands up to clients’ most pressing intelligence gathering needs.

Capturing all forms of structured and unstructured data in one place (social, surveys, digital, customer care, CRM, propriety sources), NetBase’s powerful Next Generation Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered tool creates meaningful analyses for brands. Analyses that are full of actionable insight to drive strategic decision-making and help businesses win again.

Hearing from companies using a platform is always helpful, as it offers insight from experts around ways to approach the data, highlighting priorities that speak to a variety of brand needs. Take a listen below:

Customers highlight social listening tool priorities

Beyond that, it’s important to note that NetBase recently released the industry’s first and only fully-automated, next generation artificial intelligence solution, AI Studio. It delivers automated theme discovery and has lots of additional unsupervised learning and discovery options on the horizon. The insights it uncovers are already helping brands capture consumer adjacencies earlier than competitors, leading to rapid ideation and innovation:

NetBase AI Studio as a top social listening tool

With a focus on customer care and publishing prowess, NetBase integrates with top products to offer solutions that span the entire enterprise. And offers seamless integration with virtually any APIs. Let’s explore a few!


Khoros offering marketing to foster loyalty and increase sales, as well as customer care to nurture relationships. Probably its most fantastic offering though, are its communities:

Khoros offering customer care capabilities 

Khoros Communities “transform your website into a social destination and build a deeper relationship with your customers—resulting in increased sales, lower service costs, and accelerated innovation.”

Creating a hub for consumer activity on a brand’s own website offers the ability to create unique, tailored experiences that connect back to your offerings – all without worrying you’re pushing too hard. No need to, as every click can be targeted to an informational or promotional purpose.

And combined with social sentiment analysis to help brands maintain that delicate balance between selling and educating its audience, Khoros could be a game changer.


Hootsuite for managing social media

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows brands to schedule, publish and track insight around activity on a variety of social sites, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and offers lots of website integrations for the enterprise.

Brands can reply – and track who is replying from their organization, specifically – and assign team members to specific posts for followup. And they can analyze the effectiveness of their social sharing (tracking impressions, clicks and so on) right in the tool.

Combining this data with NetBase, they can see how these activities are resonating with audience segments on a deeper level.


Domo is an integrative social listening tool

Domo is all about the business data. It captures insight from a variety of consumer-facing resources, including sales and customer journey progression, to get actionable insight around what’s happening with enterprise-wide sales in seconds.

And when integrated with NetBase, Domo users are able to take that insight even further by:

  • Streamlining business data for more visibility and enhanced strategic planning
  • Making faster, more informed decisions with a real-time consumer insight snapshots
  • Connecting business operations directly to your target audience and capture real-time responses


Keyhole tracks hashtags as its social listening power

Keyhole offers advanced hashtag analysis. It captures hashtag data in real-time and tracks it as you go, offering insight to inform ongoing efforts.

“Keyhole is the only hashtag tracking product that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict how hashtags are likely to perform in the next day, week and month. This means that we help you predict the amount of engagement, reach and impressions it will get before it does so you can course-correct to reach your goal and know when you’re on track.”

And when integrated with NetBase, particularly adding intel informed by AI Studio, that predictive capability could be super-sized, making your firm the talk of the virtual town for its seemingly intuitive powers!


Mention is realtime media monitoring

Mention offers real-time media monitoring for more than 1 billion media sources, including social media, blogs, forums and much more of the social web. And you can curate this monitored content to then push out on your own social channels – making you the voice of unrivaled expertise in your space.

You can also create reports from this data and study the mentions of your competitors. All super valuable intel and abilities to have!

Also, staying ahead of a brand crisis is easy when you analyze Mention’s “mentions” in a sentiment analysis tool, by the way. We know one that’s pretty nifty for precisely that purpose.


SumAll as a free tool that summarizes all of social in one place

And last but not least, SumAll! Automating all of your social media marketing needs is SumAll’s super power, as expertly implied in its imagery above.

Rather than trying to be in ten places at once, as most marketing managers find themselves attempting day to day, this useful tool offers a rest for this overworked crew. Connect your social media accounts, schedule the posts to go live when you like and relax a little bit.

How is this different from other tools mentioned above? Well, for starters, it’s free. And it doesn’t offer some of the bells and whistles one would find with Hootsuite (for example), but it’s a handy, helpful option to have in your back pocket.

Reach out and we’re happy to help you get all of your social listening tools working together and make your marketing life a little easier – and a lot more productive. And we can show you a demo of how that could look too!


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