Finding a way to stand out from the crowd is always a challenge in any category. Social listening certainly gives you an edge, particularly as it helps you uncover influencer advertising ideas that not only help you stand out – they propel you forward on jet fuel, with a glossy coat of furniture polish to boot!

Applying a Solid Base Coat

IKEA knows its audience. And we know this because we’ve shared how IKEA optimizes and measures its marketing campaigns and it’s pretty impressive. Something that stood out, beyond their ability to effectively market on every medium was how they do it.

From creating wonderfully imaginative videos, like their “experience the power of the bookbook” poking fun at Apple’s intensity by showcasing their own levity, to engaging influencers to share the “First:59” of each day, capturing how IKEA transforms mornings and nighttime rituals for families.

IKEA has created a powerful brand voice – a movement in itself, as its loyal followers demonstrate online each day. IKEA’s owned and earned hashtags offer additional insight into how exceptionally well they’re hitting the mark for their category as well:

But there’s always room for improvement with any brand, and IKEA is no different. 

Making That Finishing Coat Sparkle

One segment, that IKEA is undoubtedly tuned in to already, are the #IKEAhackers – and not just the unofficial IKEAhacker, Jules Yap (though she’s certainly someone to pay attention to as well!).

When we explored the brand, we found that “consumers are organically trading secrets in regards to IKEA set-up, an idea that could be incorporated into the brand’s marketing.” And my goodness was that an understatement!

Not that IKEA needs help with its “love” game, which is pretty strong. Looking at its Net Sentiment, a measure of positivity or negativity, from -100 to 100, IKEA is doing really well at 65%.

The love is strong – and among other expected hashtags like #homedecor and variations of #interiordesign, we see #ikeahack. An eensy bit of digging reveals a world of #ikeahackers with quite a bit of influence on Instagram and elsewhere – a whole lot of passion:

If we were planning an IKEA marketing campaign around DIY hacks, which seems entirely in their wheelhouse, there are plenty of people ready to jump on that bandwagon (left to right, from top to bottom):

  • @ikeahack – “the” DIY devoted entirely to everything IKEA. How perfect is that?
  • @frenchforpineapple – an “interiors obsessive” with a significant, and engaged following, and love for IKEA
  • @bemzdesign – custom covers for IKEA furniture (and more)
  • @molly_moo_and_jessica_too – a less influential instagrammer, but showing lots of potential toward building a significant voice speaking directly to families and other adjacent audiences that IKEA would certainly want to reach
  • @ anaantuneshomestyling – a celebrity decorator to consider partnering with
  • @clinaclina – another mom, wife and designer able to reach a smaller, but particularly engaged audience

The great thing about partnering with smaller DIY folks is that it inspires others to create their own #IKEAhack posts, hoping for their own ‘customer spotlight’ or (even small) sponsorship. And who doesn’t love rooting for the little guy?

But beyond the DIY folks, there’s another powerful – and vocal – audience to consider.

Green Is a Lovely Shade, Ecologically Speaking!

Looking at the Swedish-born company’s share of voice in NetBase Pro, we see Spain as one of its largest European audiences. One reason for that is the new-found interest in IKEA using biodegradable mushroom-based packaging for its products – or, more aptly, in the company it contracted with, who has introduced a new way to produce lab-grown meat.

The desire for sustainability is strong, and the sentiment around it is strong. With IKEA making such a significant effort in that exact arena, it’s definitely something to promote and encourage conversation around.

If all else fails, there are always cats. Cats love IKEA. The furniture is perfect for napping. And the internet, of course, love cats.

But IKEA is far from needing to resort to cats as a last-ditch effort. You can be certain that if their marketing ever does involve cats, it will be part of a relevant, well-informed campaign . . . or maybe they just want to see what happens. Either way, you’ll know it’s marketing gold.

We can help you market effectively with cats or whatever makes sense for your brand. Reach out of a social listening demo!

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