What Social Listening Really Is
Kimberly Surico |
 09/02/15 |
2 min read

SocialMediaListeningSocial Listening: not the most glamorous of marketing buzzwords but an important one nonetheless. The rise in demand for measurable ROI for social media has produced the need for a more effective and meaningful approach to social media strategy. The practice of simply posting to a social platform, while never really effective but yet commonly used, is no longer acceptable. With the ever-increasing expectation of more personalized content and the fight for consumer’s attention and engagement, social listening gives marketers a direct link to the opinions, views, and needs that matter most throughout the development process:

  • Industry Landscape: Before developing a campaign or strategy, it is important to have a firm understanding of what is being said not only about your brand but your industry as a whole. Who are the players in the space? The consumer favorites? What are important factors in purchase and loyalty? Are there any consistent complaints, compliments, or trends? It is also important to monitor how different types of content, promotions, and campaigns have been received. Social listening can provide insights to these questions in addition to showing who is talking and where the conversations are happening.
  • Strategy: Knowledge is power when it comes to developing an effective strategy. Understanding the landscape allows teams to identify the kind of content, programs, and promotions their target market wants to see as well as the best platform to reach them on. Perhaps you are looking for car model enthusiasts; are they on social media or forums? Fashionistas, maybe blogs and Instagram are your best bet. Designing content and placement based on known preferences increases the likelihood of interest and engagement by the target market.
  • Monitor Response: Direct access to consumer conversations is a major benefit of social listening. Gaining feedback on how content is received allows for adjustments to be made in current campaigns as well as provides guidance in strategy development for future projects.

By finding where their customers are talking, what they’re talking about, and what they want to see brands are able to tailor their campaigns, budget spends, and content to fit the desires of their target market. Social listening effectively delivers those insights providing leverage for brands as they develop successful campaigns.

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