Social Listening Just Got More Precise With Our Naruto Update

Kimberly Surico |
 06/22/16 |
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world clocks

They say “timing is everything,” and it’s true with social listening too. That’s why we regularly update our products to keep pace with changes in the social landscape, and to give our customers greater accuracy with their data.Our latest update, Naruto – after the protagonist of the anime and manga franchise of the same name – lets brands filter insights using time in a new and better way.

The more you know, the better your engagement

With social data, more is more. The better you can understand what drives consumer behaviors, the better you can engage them.

It’s important to understand consumers’ interests and passions so you can talk to them human to human. And it’s important to know whether emotions around your brand, competitors, and industry are positive or negative, and how strong those feelings are. Only with this dimensional view can you break through the social noise and reach consumers with the authenticity they demand.

What the Naruto update offers is an additional layer of accuracy to that dimensional view. On top of knowing what consumers think and feel, and why they’re moved to act as they do, you can now know when they’re taking certain actions on social. Which opens up a world of possibilities.

The magic of “when”

Adding the option of time with our new Day and Hour Widget gives you a new window into understanding author behavior for a topic or audience, by letting you view percent share of posts or authors during a specified hour of the day or day of the week. Here are a few examples of what varied verticals could track using the Day and Hour Widget:

  • Black Friday sales performance of a popular toy – compare Thursday night from midnight to 1:00 AM (or the entire day) to Friday, Saturday and Sunday to see when consumers were most actively purchasing
  • How meme-sharing trickles off later in the day on Monday (or any day) – telling you when is the best moment to share content with your defined audiences
  • The differences between early morning commuters who drink coffee and mid-morning coffee drinkers
  • When audiences go to the movies or watch certain shows – as well as what they do, where they go, and how they spend at various times of the day or on particular days of the week
  • Which quick service menu items are most popular throughout the day

Knowing when to target the audiences you’ve carefully segmented gives you that extra edge in reaching them at the opportune moment.

For instance, in the graphic below, Wednesday is the strongest social day for McDonald’s in the particular week shown. Depending on whether there were precipitating factors, like a new product launch, or if this is a typical week, McDonald’s can make educated choices about when they interact with social consumers.


Additional Naruto Day and Hour capabilities

The new Day and Hour filter can also be applied to analysis and themes. For example, you could use a Crosstab analysis to analyze how metrics differ for a defined theme depending on the day of the week. Just choose “Day of Week” as your filter:

day of week


Or apply a filter to a Word Cloud widget. Let’s say you want to know what fast food customers are talking about between midnight and 3:00 AM. Once you have your word cloud, click on “Hour of Day” and set the starting time and duration you want to analyze:

hour of day

Or to review a specific day and time, click both “Day of Week” and “Hour of Day.” Then you can analyze the conversations happening over a particular time period on a particular day. Like Sundays from noon to 8:00 PM, when many watch sports on TV:

day hour combo

The ability to choose from a number of variables means you can see the data from several angles, which might offer useful surprises. What other conversations are happening on Sundays, to use our last example, and how do they relate to your brand?

By changing the lens through which you view social data, you discover new adjacencies that might lead to an entirely new and unexpected audience segment. Plus, identifying the best times to approach your audience replaces trial and error with precision, saving you from potentially wasted effort.

That’s always our goal when we update our platform – to make it easier for you to reach your goals like clockwork.

Want to see a demo of all the Naruto update includes? Give us a yell!

Image from Kazu LeTokyoite


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