Social Listening for CEOs: A Guide to What Marketing Is Doing & Why
Carol Feigenbaum |
 01/10/18 |
3 min read

Even for hands-on style CEOs, social listening – and social marketing – can seem a bit mysterious.  Here’s how and why your marketing department is proving its worth and then some.

Unlocking the secrets of your audience’s deepest desires

Whatever you think your audience expects from your brand, the only assumption you can take to the bank is this: They’ll always surprise you.

Whether it’s as unexpected as a contingent of geeky grandmas loving the clothing line you designed for Millennials, or as simple as realizing girls like comic books too, social insights reveal truths you can’t afford to ignore.

Close enough isn’t good enough. You’ve got to hit the perfect personalized chord to win consumers over, and that’s what social listening with sentiment analysis lets you do. When you understand what consumers are most passionate about, you can group them into like-feeling segments for individualized targeting.

This is why marketers use social listening to explore all topics that matter to consumers – not just how they view your brand. And it’s why it’s important to include competitors and their fans in your analysis.

Everything on social is fair game – and you never know where you’ll find that magical inspiration that changes everything for your brand. Audience reaction to your messaging alone won’t tell you enough – you have to know how they feel about everything.

Once you do, that marketing intelligence can be applied across your brand in a number of ways.

Social listening to understand what sells

Social analytics used to be narrowly confined to measuring likes, comments, retweets, etc. That offered a broad and hazy idea of how your brand was doing with consumers, but there was nothing specific to work with.

Adding sentiment analysis into the mix, and looking at social data from a psychographic perspective instead of a demographic one, changed everything. Now the insights uncovered by your social listening tools tell you exactly which products consumers love most – as well as any they aren’t keen on.

Competitor analysis clues you in to products other brands are succeeding with, but even better it shows you where the competition is falling short. This gives you the power to “scoop” them with improved versions of your own.

Unparalleled customer care

The sooner you know about a problem, the faster you can solve it. Speed is critical in turning a negative experience into a positive one – not just because that’s how you delight the customer, but because social problems left untended can go viral. Instead of one unhappy customer, you end up with thousands of social users chiming in about similar experiences.

Luckily social monitoring tools offer alerts so you know the moment things have gone amiss – and can get right down to making things right.

But again, the ability to scan your entire category means you know where others’ customer service is lacking. And you can play the hero to win these dissatisfied customers over to your brand.

Inspiring research and development

Real-time monitoring is just one miraculous facet of social listening tools. The ability to track trends and predict future consumer preferences is another.

Consider the number of technological advances expected to explode over the next few years – things like AR, VR, and AI to name a few. Brands will need to be innovative and savvy to beat competitors to market – but social data can point you in the direction you should travel.

Your audience will always tell you what matters to them. All you have to do is act on that information, and keep checking in. Maybe your brand doesn’t have to jump on the augmented reality bandwagon today – but by next year your fans may demand it.

Tracking trends over time is one advantage social listening provides for your brand – and it’s something Marketing does already. All that’s left is for them to share their findings.

Marketing is no longer limited to promotions

You can see how Marketers today are more like overall brand liaisons than simply the creative power behind promoting your brand. The insights uncovered in their work are valuable to all departments – so you need tools that make sharing the data easy.

Tools that integrate with other business intelligence systems, like CRM, are best – and they should have customizable visual dashboards so data is easily passed along to the right parties, in the formats they need. CEOs in particular need a quickly digestible sense of what’s happening so decisions can be made while data is still relevant.

Good thing there are tools that offer all that and more.

For a look at how our social listening tools empower all facets of your brand, reach out to us!


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