Social Listening Enables Brands to Better Engage with their Audience

Carol Feigenbaum |
 04/04/16 |
3 min read


As Q1 2016 draws to a close, we asked our customers how our social media monitoring tools have impacted the effectiveness of their brands over the past three months. From new business pitches to measuring return on investments, the layers of insight and understanding gleaned from social listening are improving their brands at every stage in the game.

Substantiate new business pitches

Social media monitoring tools back brands with the knowledge they need to pitch most effectively – and many of our clients cited this as a benefit:

NetBase has helped me help our internal team with new business pitches as well as current clients.” – Agnes Chiao, VaynerMedia

One of the most important challenges marketers face is the need to become experts in any number of diverse industries they might know little about. Social listening positions agencies to break down and distill what’s happening in real-time, in any industry. They can quickly familiarize themselves with valuable nuggets of information to speak to brand leaders with authority and expertise.

This speeds up the time and energy marketers used to spend learning about new client industries. This way, they can invest the bulk of their time advancing campaigns, engaging consumers, and establishing longstanding, personal connections.

Optimize campaigns

And that’s far more important, as maximizing the effectiveness of campaigns is a top marketing priority. After all, no one wants to spend hours on campaign research only to find out the data they gathered is no longer valid; or, worse, spend months charging a campaign full steam ahead and later discover it was never working to begin with.

Social listening gives brands the opportunity to analyze the effectiveness of campaigns as they progress, so they can judge, shift, and transform them to maximize their efforts and returns live. And our tools are flexible enough for customers to decide how they want to use them:

Huge assist in new business pitches as well as campaign optimizations. Using it in a non-traditional manner to optimize ad copy and geographies in paid search for a client – as a result am running almost 18% CTR and 17% conversion rates. :)” – Ted Tagalakis, ASO Advertising

Social media monitoring tools allow brands and marketers to define ROI in the moment – instead of analyzing data at the end of a campaign and doing better “next time.” With accurate, real-time data, brands can get what they want out of “this time,” by course correcting as needed and improving campaigns on the spot.

This ability to continuously refine their systems means brands are ready with the best strategies when it really matters:

We have also used it in pitches, as well as research to develop effective campaigns for clients. Starting in May we will be using NetBase to monitor one of our client’s biggest projects of the year.” – Katherine Jacoby, Branch Creative Network

Measure returns

And this makes the C-suite happy, of course. Decision makers want to know that resources are being allocated effectively and making a significant, positive impact on business. Social media monitoring tools provide a constant, direct consumer-to-brand feedback flow, letting brands know what consumers are happy with and what could be improved:

NetBase has helped show my agency is making an impact on our client’s brand through listening to fans through social listening.” – Sharnelle Kan, Saatchi & Saatchi

These real-time insights into consumer sentiment allow brands and marketers the opportunity to improve their messaging and increase the impact of their reach. Even better, easy-to-follow data streams bring marketing teams, and entire companies, together by making ROI easy to understand and report – something our clients appreciate:

“We worked with our account rep to set up a LIVE Pulse™ around our brand which is now being displayed on a 92-inch TV within our Digital Marketing Command Center. This is placed in an area that receives a heavy volume of foot traffic on a daily basis as our CMO’s office is in our area. It has been amazing to see the interest expressed by executive leadership and other key stakeholders throughout the company, and because of the thorough, detailed education provided by our account rep, I am able to talk them through the data and actually tell a story.” – Becky Rehwaldt, Delaware North

Using NetBase’s social listening tools, C-suite leaders can get their hands on tangible evidence of when and how often consumers are engaging with their brand on social, and rest easy knowing valuable resources are being put to good use.

Clearly it’s working for our customers. We can’t wait to hear how they do in Q2!

Check back for more posts about how brands are using social listening to become more effective, or get in touch to put NetBase to work for your brand today.

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