Accuracy is everything when it comes to the insights upon which brands base decisions.  Let’s look at some recent case studies to illustrate eCommerce brands’ unique concerns, and how accurate AI Analytics helps.

Capturing Clean Data for Maximum Impact

Understanding what your customers love is crucial for brands with a broad portfolio, like Ferrara Candy. In addition to chocolatey snacks and candy like Crunch and Butterfinger, they also make nonchocolate varieties like Lemonhead and Brachs.

With such a variety of brands under their umbrella, they understand the need for accurate and robust sentiment over less revealing metrics like posts counts, mentions and exposure. This helps with knowing which interests are long-standing, versus short-term trends.

Another advantage to the AI Analytics they use (ours!) is the ability to capture topics in a “clean” way. For example, Black Forest is a place in Germany, but also a brand of gummy candies and fruit snacks. With so much room for confusion, accurate data is vital to understanding what applies to their brand versus other aspects of the topic.

The ability to do such custom research and surface reliable insights makes the difference in how they move forward.

Going Beyond the Basics to Craft Strategy

Managing multiple brands is a fairly common occurrence nowadays, and Glanbia Performance Nutrition falls into that category as well. Their global sports nutrition brand has 9 brands under their portfolio, including Optimum Nutrition (ON), Isopure, BSN, thinkThin and SlimFast.

They use social analytics mostly to know how consumers are talking about their products, and to identify keywords to support their search strategy on Amazon.

An important option for nutrition brands is a tool that pulls in data not just from social channels like Twitter and Instagram, but from blog sites like Tumblr and Reddit, and YouTube. These are channels where much of the benefits for such products are shared by those using them, so it’s important to have an eye on these “beyond basic” channels.

Offering True Partnership Through Social Insights

We talk a lot about B2C brands, but the B2B realm isn’t excluded from social analytics – far from!

Brands like US Foods – a food distributor – may also include products and services to help their clients succeed in their own businesses. So for their restaurant clients they offer products like menu innovation, and tools to drive traffic, to be more than just a distributor, but a strategic partner.

For this use case, it makes sense to monitor and track your brand’s sentiment and mentions, while viewing competitors in the same way. US Foods does this to understand how people talk about specific products on the consumer side – with an eye toward benefiting their customer side as well.

Consumer conversations might reveal, “we want more vegan products” or interest in “plant based proteins” – which their product development teams would then look into. They want to know how they as a partner can help by equipping their clients with content and products.

They do this by tracking campaigns to see how their customers speak about and use their products, and what new and interesting dishes they develop. Using NetBase’s AI Analytics tools they can transition from an overview like a word cloud, to the specific context of the posts driving those key terms.

Virtual Relationships Bring Real Results

What these brands have in common is the ability to reach their audience and customers by using social insights to understand what they want most. It’s something any brand can do, but is particularly important for eCommerce – where there’s no physical connection between the customer and brand.

Continuing to track sentiment is critical – as long as you can trust that it’s accurate. When you have the right tools, that worry is off the table. Then all you have to focus on is taking action. When you do that based on what social audiences share, it’s hard to go wrong.

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