Social Intelligence about Headphones – #4 Why So Negative?
Mike Baglietto |
 03/19/14 |
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[This is part of a series of recaps on this Sennheiser Social Intelligence report]

One of the ways to break up the raw data is to sort mentions or posts by geographical location. In general, the US Geography map is very pretty to look at, since there’s typically a gradient that works itself artistically throughout the 50 states. But when I saw Sennheiser’s map, my first thought was this: If this map were for a presidential candidate’s ratings during the Iowa caucuses, he or she would have a heart attack.

For some reason, sentiment about Sennheiser is very negative in Iowa compared to everywhere else. Since the exact opposite is the case in states like Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana and Alabama, one way to improve the situation would be to figure out what’s going well in those states and then apply it to Iowa.

Another useful way to use the geography widget is to look at the map of mentions alongside the map of positive/negative sentiment. In Sennheiser’s case, the most buzz comes from California, Texas and New York, yet their sentiment is only lightly positive. There’s a lot of potential to grow Sennheiser’s positive sentiment right there, just by figuring out how to turn those states from light green to dark green.

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