[This is part of a series of recaps on this Sennheiser Social Intelligence report]

The thing about analyzing data from social media is that there are possibilities that I could have never imagined with traditional surveying techniques. With social intelligence, you can see what people want, exactly when they want it. That capability sometimes gives us tunnel vision, though—narrowing down on specific authors, or specific dates, or specific words—and we forget to take a look at the bigger picture.

Instead of looking at Sennheiser or Beats or Skullcandy, why not take a look at the whole category of “headphones” and listen in on what consumers want? In fact, why not just tweet back at all those people who post online about wanting headphones?

Maybe that’s enough to get started on some online promotions, but this timeline of headphone demand was too good to not include:

Apparently, people post about wanting/needing/demanding headphones in a very cyclical manner; the only thing that changes with the holiday season is the average amount of posts. Even more interesting is that people seem to really want headphones during the middle of the week. Is it just a strange mid-week craving? Or is it because on weekends you have more freedom to listen to your music on speakers in the privacy of your own home? Whatever the real reason, I wouldn’t mind receiving some special deals for headphones on Wednesdays. Or any day of the week, for that matter.

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