Social Engagement Lessons from Caps Lock Day

Niraj Sharma |
 11/05/18 |
3 min read

It’s one thing to say “don’t be promotional” in your posts – but achieving it can be a challenge. After all, promoting your brand is the underlying point. Here’s how to use whimsical holidays like Caps Lock Day to break the ice.

Social Sentiment Gives the Green Light

Anytime you interact with consumers you want to do it from a place of love – i.e., talking about things they love. Regular social listening tells you if your audience has a sense of humor, and what exactly makes them laugh.

We’ve all got experience with this keyboard function – from the person who doesn’t know caps lock indicates “yelling” in social posts, to actually being “yelled” at, or using caps lock for emphasis.

Is there a more perfect thing to celebrate and poke fun at than something so universally understood? And looking at Emotions under Sentiment Drivers in NetBase Pro reveals it’s all about the love:

People are wishing each other a Happy Caps Lock Day – and see the smirky little emoji? It’s making an appearance in posts as well. There are no negative emotions in the mix – making this a safe topic to play with for just about any brand where humor is appropriate.

Several people and brands took advantage of this on October 22nd. Some made perfect sense, like the NW Editors Guild:

Others, like the Canada Revenue Agency, used the day to promote messages where Caps Lock were employed appropriately:

Spotify called out artists on their roster who use Caps Lock as their personal font:

Even the Detroit Tigers had some fun with it:

You can see by the broad cross-section of brands marking the occasion that you don’t need to be a typewriter – er, keyboard – company to participate.

Caps Lock Day by the NetBase Pro Numbers

What’s great about a “holiday” like Caps Lock Day is there’s no inherent agenda or limitations surrounding it. It may not be as popular as National S’mores Day, but that means you’re competing with fewer people while finding a way to stand out. Win-win.

Though it’s not exactly unpopular. Our NetBase Pro search revealed:

  • 3k posts by 4.1 authors
  • 7k engagements
  • Net Sentiment of 100%
  • 30 million impressions

Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

Looking at Popular Items, we can use Hashtags to find other hashtags being shared alongside those about Caps Lock Day – which helps further define the types of content/topics you might succeed with.

Who Is Celebrating Where?

Caps Lock Day is sometimes referred to as International Caps Lock Day (and sometimes celebrated on June 28th). And we can indeed see there are English-language conversations happening around the world:

As always, social analytics reminds us why assumptions are dangerous – would you expect Indonesia to make the top three? But looking at the rest of the list, this is truly a holiday without borders. The Caps Lock key is truly universal.

Further evidence of this is seen in the Demographics, which offer a close to even split – with men slightly in the majority – and a fairly even age breakdown as well:

Who takes the edge age-wise? Those 55-64. Another social analytics surprise!

Bond With Your Audience

The point is, you don’t have to promote your brand every second to communicate with your audience. Using sentiment analysis you can talk to them about all the things they tell you they care about, and you can be on the lookout for silly holidays like Caps Lock Day to remind them you have a human – and humorous – side too.

Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day is coming up later this month… JUST THINK OF THE FUN YOU COULD HAVE WITH THAT ONE. GIVE IT A TRY!

Want to learn more about using sentiment analysis to increase social engagement? Get in touch for a one-on-one demo of our analytics tools.



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