This June 23 and 24, NetBase is sending some key delegates to participate in the 2016 Big Boulder conference in Boulder, Colorado. Here are four reasons we’re excited to attend:

1. Having a voice in the burgeoning social data industry. The Big Boulder Initiative site states “The Big Boulder Initiative was created to establish the foundation for the long-term success of the social data industry,” and that’s an important mission. In some ways we already take social media, and the data it powers, for granted – but the reality is it’s an evolving field. The BBI is centered around the advancement of social data in businesses and organizations of all kinds.

As the social data ecosystem shifts and grows, it’s important for those in the industry to take ownership of industry problems that need solving, and of creating “a governance structure before politicians do it for us.” As a founding member of the BBI, NetBase is a big believer in the value of the initiative, and supports it wholeheartedly. In fact, our VP of Engineering, Steve Winters, is an active participant on the BBI board.

Our last visit to Big Boulder conference was fantastic, so this year we’re sending a posse of senior executives, social data practitioners, engineering and product development folks. We’re looking forward to participating even more extensively this time around.

2. An amazing list of speakers – including Randy Almond, Head of Data Marketing at Twitter; Justin De Graaf, Director of Data Strategy & Precision Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company; Susan Etlinger, Industry Analyst at Altimeter; Stephen Gold, CMO and Vice President Business Development at IBM Watson; Sara Haider, Client Engineering Lead at Periscope; Neil Hoyne, Head of Customer Analytics at Google; and many, many more.

3. An invigorating agenda. Learning, networking, being inspired – these are all benefits that make the journey worthwhile, especially with panels covering how social data intertwines with customer analytics, ad blocking, politics, finance, and more. But it’s even better when you can enjoy the education and inspiration in a stunning scenic location, with the option to refresh your spirit as well.

To facilitate this, morning yoga at the St Julien Hotel and Spa, and walks/runs on the Boulder Creek Path are built into the schedule. And if a sunrise hike at Chautauqua Park isn’t your cup of tea, opt for the historical walking tour of Boulder on Friday afternoon. Just make sure you take advantage of the clean mountain air in some way while you’re there.

4. This video:

What’s thrilling about Big Boulder Initiative, and all that we talk about at Big Boulder conference, is the way we in the industry are creating the guidelines we feel are important to follow as social data “settles” and is accepted by further businesses and organizations. We’re creating the best practices, applications, technology, and code of ethics for our industry – in the hopes that when the law catches up, a solid foundation will already be in place.

If you want to be part of this exciting moment in social data history, check out the Big Boulder Initiative website for more information. And if you’re at Big Boulder Conference, be sure to come find us.

If you want to learn more about how NetBase can help you use social data in your business or organization, reach out to us!

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