live-pulse-blogToday, we are excited to announce the launch of Brand LIVE Pulse™ for an analytics dashboard that gives instant visibility into the movement of brands, without the need for clicks or additional analysis.

You may ask, how is this different from our core product, Insight Composer? Well, think of the Brand LIVE Pulse™ as a real-time report that you and your colleagues can view on tablets, smartphones or large screens anywhere there’s internet. LIVE Pulse works great as part of the command center or as a standalone tool that you can use across your organization to see and react to the social movement of your brand. The Pulse is powered by the same high precision patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) as our core products to ensure you get the most accurate insights.

Here is what you can do with Brand Pulse:

  • Know your brand’s statistics: see how many people are talking about your brand
  • Geo locate: know where people are talking about your brand
  • Monitor and influence trends: instantly see what’s trending and engage with those driving the conversation

Brand LIVE Pulse™ is the first in a portfolio of Pulse products. Our engineering team is currently putting the finishing touches on other dashboards that will equip marketers with a comprehensive set of tools to:

  • Know instantly how your customers are feeling about your brand vs. the competition
  • Watch the most shared images for your brand on social
  • See the most engaging posts going viral and who you could target directly
  • Identify unusual spikes in activity and unusual fluctuation in sentiment towards your brand and know what drove it

We hope you take a look at the LIVE Pulse and let us know what you think.

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