Back-to-school is upon us, and as a result, everyone is looking at the latest and greatest in apparel. Just in time, we have released the second set of our analysis of our consumer study with Edison Research on which social channels are most influential. This time, we looked at all categories across apparel, and uncovered some very interesting findings:

  • Social Channel Influence Varies Across Apparel Subcategories
    • Women most frequently turn to the experts on blogs and message boards when making decisions about career and special occasion clothing. For casual clothing, they trust their friends and what they see on Facebook. In active/fitness wear, visuals and friends’ opinions are both important.
  • Twitter Is Not a Top Influencer, Unless Celebrities Are Involved
    • Female social media users who are more likely to use brands or products associated with celebrities they like are 60 percent more likely to have Twitter profiles and be influenced by twitter than female social media users overall.
  • Hispanic Female Social Media Users Influenced By Visual Channels
    • Hispanic female social users also index high for social influence in the apparel categories analyzed. This especially holds true in the visual channels. In the casual clothing subcategory, Hispanic female social media users are 71 percent more likely to look to Pinterest for inspiration than female social media users overall and twice as likely to look to Instagram.

To download the full report, click here. Let me know what you think – and happy back-to-school shopping!

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