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There’s no stopping Laura Arnold. Between running marathons, writing in her food blog, growing pineapples and training her husband to make the perfect tiki drink, she’s also a Senior Strategist at Scoppechio by day. We sat down with her to talk strategy, marketing triumphs and dissecting intel to guide brands to success.

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So, let’s jump right in. Who is the typical audience for your analyses and what seems to resonate the most with them?

We end up talking to C-suite, brand managers, and people that are looking for a good level-set around where their brand currently stands. We think about what we can do for them that will show where people are talking, opportunities, and ways to find influencers or sentiment around their brand. If agencies need to put together a dashboard or a report in a couple days, capturing that kind of data – and quantifying it – is really challenging and time-consuming if you don’t have a social listening tool, like NetBase.

What did your team’s process look like prior to using NetBase Quid?

We used NetBase at my previous agency, and when I came on board at Scoppechio, we were using Crimson Hexagon. I was interested in replacing it with something more robust, so here we are!

Which business critical purposes do you use NetBase Quid for?

Clients come to us looking for answers of all kinds. Maybe it’s a specific group they’re trying to connect with, or maybe they have ready-made personas or possibly a hypothesis where they ask something like, “We think people are remodeling like crazy during the pandemic. Can you find any chatter about what people are doing and how they feel about it, etc.?” From there I use social media analytics to seek those answers and build that information out.

Between topics and the themes in NetBase, there’s a plethora of options. You can build a topic and then build a specific theme or two to layer on top of it – and compare those. Or, if you want a more robust analysis, you may have a few different topics, and you can create a crosstab analysis of them. Of course, I use the Tuner to filter out anything that isn’t relevant.

Plant-based food topic Crosstab, with personal narrative theme applied.

Plant-based food topic Crosstab, with personal narrative theme applied.

You mentioned the Crosstab feature, what are some of your other favorite features and capabilities of NetBase Quid?

I love a good Word Cloud. In NetBase, clouds can be generated around not just sentiment, but people and things and other attributes. Let’s say I have a B2B client and they do a lot of press releases, and they’ve mentioned key players and CEOs that are quoted in the press releases. These people will show up in the cloud under the “people” category. It’s not everything squished together into one cloud, it’s clearly categorized.


Word Cloud Top Brands: Plant-based Conversation                        Word Cloud Top Emotions: Plant-based Conversation

What key performance indicators are you tracking/complementing with NetBase Quid data?

I would say conversation volume and sentiment are important. The bigger the company, the more the chatter and sentiment, as well as bigger the target on its back (so listening carefully is doubly important in those cases from a crisis management perspective). It’s also really important to curate quality conversations.

With any brand, there’s always some negativity associated with it. In some cases, it’s not so straightforward, however. We found the negativity associated with one brand, for example, was about people lamenting the fact that the restaurant no longer existed in their town, or that they couldn’t get the brand’s products. So, there’s a lot of nostalgia and passion around this brand – intel that could have been taken out of context as negative sentiment if one was using a tool that can’t dig into those details beyond the surface insights. Once we were aware of these consumer attitudes, we advised our client to consider activating these passionate people, and to consider everyone a potential influencer.

So, figuring out how people felt about the brand was important. Sentiment and volume, those are really some of the bigger things that we track, and then competitor comparisons are key too.


Competitive Analysis of various food items             

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Tell us about a social analytics insight that resulted in an “Ah-ha!” moment for you.

I think it’s the case of seeing the same thing, either restated in a different way with the same sentiment behind it. Or, seeing the same sentiment over and over again and suddenly a really brilliant idea emerges. For instance, when social listening for a client in the spirits category, we found that people were lamenting things they did, with posts like, “Oh man, I did this because of what I drank!” But, at the same time, they were also celebrating occasions with it.

So, we flipped the idea on its head, and focused on how people were interacting positively with the product, with “I” statements and were able take that positive piece and turn it into more of a creative robust idea.

Also being able to see the profile information of who’s talking is interesting, because you can see how people identify and they usually state clearly and succinctly what matters most to them and what they want people to know about them in their profiles. For example, people that are talking about one of our restaurant clients may also identify as a dog mom. That can offer a way to creatively connect with a new segment.


Associated interests of people posting about plant-based food

Or maybe an audience leans heavily into politics. This helps us advise clients asking, “How concerned should we be about these issues? Should we say anything about it?” You can quantify all the fans of the brand and help the client address key issues in a thoughtful way, as appropriate to wisely steward their brand.

How important has it been to accurately identify trends or shifts with your market and/or target audience with data growing at an exponential rate?

I think it’s important to have a social listening tool like NetBase because bigger shifts, issues and opportunities than ever are appearing and clients are going to come to you with questions ranging from making political statements to, ” Should we host a Tiger King Party?” And sometimes the answer is no, because it doesn’t quite fit their brand. I think it’s our duty as marketers to have the research and the tools on hand to not only guide them into smart business decisions but be able to back it up with data and stats. We want to make sure that we’re coming to the client with our ducks in a row – and strong intel around their queries when needed.


Comparing behaviors and people mentioned in context of top shows.

What is one word you would use to describe your experience with using NetBase Quid’s products? 

I would say, fun! Once you have a handle on how things work, it’s fun to plug things in and watch it populate and see what comes out. And we have an excellent rep who’s always available to answer any questions and offer help, and tech support gets back to you quickly. If you need self-service support, with the NetBase 360 portal, you can easily search and find what you’re looking for.

The platform itself is very intuitive. I’ve used several different types of social media analytics software throughout the past ten years of my marketing career. There were some that really just made no sense, but NetBase is easy to work with. It’s fun to get in there and see what people are saying – and people say some really interesting stuff!

netbase user tips

Tips to help new users get acclimated to NetBase Enterprise.

What gets you excited about your job? Your favorite thing(s) or experiences that stand out for you. 

There’s a great amount of creativity that can be found in marketing. There’s risk in marketing as well – it’s just the way the industry is. If you can get over that, there’s also a lot of freedom in that creativity. One of the things that makes a great marketer is the ability to fall in love with any client you have, no matter if it’s electricity or flooring. So the ability to get excited about things is key in this industry.

I learn everything that I can about my clients’ businesses because their success is your success. You want to make sure that you’re personally invested and doing the best you can for them. We’re always gathering information as marketers and mastering new things, and I think it’s so important. When you stop learning, you start dying. So, I learn everything I can from and for my clients, and NetBase helps me do that.

You can connect with Laura via email:

And be sure to reach out for a demo of NetBase Quid and let us show you the intel Laura depends on every day – in action!

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