Using Social Analytics to Define, Differentiate & Deliver Results
Carol Feigenbaum |
 02/06/20 |
3 min read

Using Social Analytics to Define, Differentiate & Deliver ResultsSocial analytics offers exactly what the doctor (or digital strategist) ordered when it comes to defining, differentiating and delivering brand marketing results. We love sharing examples of these capabilities in action with you, so saddle up for stats that will astound you!

At NetBase LIVE L.A., Fullscreen, a social content agency, shared the importance of social listening for understanding and engaging with Gen Z and Millennial audiences. It’s actually essential for all demographics, but their talk (and client focus) was around capturing these two! They shared lots of amazing insight that they were able to aggregate and analyze in NetBase, including:

  • Tracking Mentions & Engagements to compare conversation of a client vs. competitors
  • Comparing competitors via the Passion Intensity Grid to uncover areas of opportunity
  • Layering pre-existing and custom Themes to understand how client conversation was correlated to different steps of the marketing funnel
  • Utilizing Topic Comparisons to see the Share of Voice & Net Sentiment for competitors month over month
  • Using Conversation Demographics to monitor shifts in key age ranges
  • Analyzing Word Clouds to direct content away from one business aspect and toward another

You can catch a quick bite of their amazing use cases below, and we’ll elaborate more immediately after!

Fullscreen on delivering social analytics results for restaurant client

Let’s explore the KPIs that Strategist Ashton Schmidt, and Director of Measurements & Insight, Amelia Rance were able to measure – and how that turned out for their clients. More specifically, how they were able to define, differentiate and deliver results!

Defining a Bold Lip

A client was gearing up to launch a social campaign to celebrate the anniversary of their bold lipstick, so FullScreen logged in to NetBase Quid to sort out what its target audience was saying.

  • How did wearing a bold lip make these women feel?
  • Why did she wear a bold lip?
  • And was she interacting online about it using any of the brand hashtags – or other related hashtags?

They were able to capture company, consumer and cultural insight to inform campaign creation, including:

  • Consumers had a strong affinity for the product on social, but connection to the brand was lacking and didn’t impact brand perception.
  • Millennial females were prioritizing self-care and many were on a wellness journey.
  • Rocking a bold lip came with a set of dated societal “rules” around when it was appropriate – rules that these ladies were ready to smash

The opportunity they uncovered resonated strongly with their target audience: Create a community where these women could celebrate confidence:

tweets about defining a bold lip for consumers

Differentiating Music

Next up, the Fullscreen team was tasked with conducting a social audit to analyze a music streaming service’s performance and how it stacked up against competitors.

Uncovering passion intensity:

differentiating a music streaming service from competitors with help from brand passion index

Along with demographic comparisons that shed light on age, gender and ethnicity, combined with Word Cloud indicators and Purchase Funnel strengths – Fullscreen was able to confidently offer the client meaningful recommendations.

The client’s strength lied in the loyalty part of the customer journey – an area that’s crucial and typically overlooked by brands that are too frantically busy with everything else. So, if they could keep that love strong, the sales (and market share) would follow. And that’s exactly what they did!

Delivering Restaurant Results

This last example is the one mentioned in the video. When working with a full-service restaurant client, they were tasked with a challenging variety of KPIs to measure. Armed with NetBase Quid insight, they set out to:

  • Drive foot traffic
  • Increase share of voice
  • Gain relevance among young consumers

They created a custom theme with 100+ terms to better understand audience behaviors and isolate “intent to visit” conversations:

using social analytics custom theme with 100s of terms to better understand audience behaviors

With careful planning, accurate initial benchmarking and specifically targeted interactions, Fullscreen was able hit all of their KPI goals – and prove them!

social analytics results realized for restaurant client with specific demographic targeting needs

But that’s the beauty of NetBase Quid. It’s so intuitive and easy to use. And it enables brands, and the agencies who support them, to drill down and get really specific into their competitive analysis and KPI criteria. Many marketing functions struggle with tracking and reporting out these results. Not here!

Reach out for a demo! We’d love to show you how it looks with a use case specific to your brand’s needs. The ability to best your competitors is only a click away!

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