Social Analytics Report: Media and Entertainment

Elvis Lieban |
 05/18/18 |
4 min read

There’s a lot to learn by seeing where other brands place on the social analytics spectrum – even when those brands are outside your industry or category. Here, according to the NetBase Industry Report 2018: Media and Entertainment, is where the top global brands in media and entertainment stand.

At a Glance

Our newest industry report looks at volume of conversation, awareness (as a measure of earned impressions), reach (a measure of owned impressions), net sentiment, and brand passion of popular brands in four media and entertainment categories: Digital Media, Sports, Streaming, and TV Networks.

Our analysis ran from April 1, 2017 to April 1, 2018, and included data collected using NetBase themes, allowing us to dive deeper into conversations and look at the underlying emotions in these social conversations.

Here are some highlights:

Competitor Analysis Is the Key to Breaking into the Top 10

The pattern we see in many industries is the top 10 brands accounting for roughly 70% of total conversation volume. That trend holds here, with 64% of all mentions belonging to the top 10 media and entertainment brands.

What can smaller brands do to break in? It’s all about competitor analysis. Use your social analytics and sentiment analysis tools to uncover what social consumers like about the top 10 and find a way to put your own stamp on things. And most importantly, find out what they don’t like, and show them how your brand is better.

Another strategy, use the popularity of the brands listed here to join the conversation and get your brand noticed organically. Sports teams took 6 of the top 10 spots, so that’s a great topic to explore. Find audience segments that overlap with your target audience and expand that way.

How else can this data help brands in all industries? Let’s look at each category individually and tease up some takeaways.

Digital Media

Digital Media brands represent 9% of the total conversation volume – and though that’s not much, it didn’t stop The New York Times and The Guardian from making the top 10. In a politically charged year, social consumers were passionate, even if they weren’t mighty in numbers.

GQ was one of the most loved brands, though they didn’t escape a bit of negative sentiment for their Citizen of the Year pick, Colin Kaepernick. You can clearly see the negative spike below:

Luckily, one bad week doesn’t necessarily wash away all your brand love, and it doesn’t here. You just have to keep on top of sentiment spikes like this so you can act if need be and ensure your brand recovers.

Which surprising brand got a lot of love for entering the political fray? Download the full report to find out!


Standing out in social media is all about looking beyond the obvious. For example, the most common behavior associated with the Sports category, for nearly every brand, is “watch.”

Do other behaviors translate in the same way, or are they specific to a particular sport? That’s worth finding out – so we did. Turns out MLB fans’ second most mentioned behavior is about attending a game.

That’s an insight you can work with – whether you’re a team, a ballpark, a sponsor, or a local radio station looking for a great giveaway.


YouTube absolutely crushed it for mentions, reach and awareness.

Which videos got the most traction on the top streaming brand? Children’s videos took 8 of the top 10 slots in our analysis for most engaging videos over the past year.

And though YouTube influencer Logan Paul got into hot water for some controversial videos in January, the second most popular post by engagements was his “Santa Diss Track” featured on YouTube’s music video property VEVO.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting the massive love for DirecTV Now in our Brand Passion Index below:

Though they can’t touch YouTube with regard to mentions, they had major success streaming the concert of a well-known Bronx native beloved by all for being just a regular girl. Read the full report to find out who!

TV Networks

“News” is a big term for TV Networks. It was the number one term for traditional TV Networks, though not limited to them.

Cable networks, on the other hand, are largely set apart by conversation surrounding their signature shows.

What does this tell you? If you want to connect to fans of the most popular television shows out there, these are the paths you should follow. Potential influencers await!

Insights for All

Media and Entertainment brands will naturally benefit from reading our report, but other brands can also use these insights to explore topics and trends to talk about with segments where these interests cross over.

You might even find a brand partnership opportunity to take your business to new heights. Then maybe you’ll be in the number one spot of our next report.

Ready to learn more? Download the complete NetBase Industry Report 2018: Media and Entertainment today, and let us know if you want a tour of our social analytics tools!



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