Seeking Uncomplicated Access to Social Analytics Insight

Consumer love is a like a hockey puck face-off at the start of a game, with brands vying to gain control of the consumer conversation. And it’s a challenge they face anew each day. So, it’s no wonder that brands are seeking uncomplicated access to social analytics insight. And one full-service agency, H&L Partners, has found it. Let’s see how that looks!

Keeping Insight Simple, While Maintaining Accuracy

Brands really don’t have the luxury of time in these high-stakes online marketing days. As Andrew Brown, VP Insights and Analytics at H&L Partners shares, capturing insight that keeps his agency (and its clients) nimble is a game changer. With millions of people providing their unsolicited opinions online every single minute of the day, social media is the world’s largest focus group. His team uses this insight to its advantage in many ways, including:

  • Promotional evaluation
  • Adding supplementary consumer insights
  • Identifying and winning new business by getting very smart about a category – quickly

Social analytics has helped them zoom in on what audiences are actually doing. And the actionable consumer insights they’ve been able to surface related to customer promotions have helped them keep top names happy, like Toyota and McDonalds. But don’t take our word for it, listen to what Andrew has to say about our next generation AI-powered consumer and market intelligence here:


From a KPI perspective, NetBase’s accuracy has been unmatched, as has its ease of use. This applies both to the initial learning curve agencies need to surmount, which is important when time is of the essence, as well as to navigating dashboards and reporting options. It has all been equally intuitive.

And back to those KPIs – measurement will no longer be fuzzy.

Social Measurement

Back in May of 2018, H&L was working with McDonalds on its Hot Off the Grill campaign. And the insight it uncovered using social listening and sentiment analysis revealed lots of intel around consumer conversations.

They could see what kinds of emotions consumers were experiencing about their food in general, fast casual food in particular. And they were able to really dig into this analysis and capture very specific and informative insight. Ultimately, they were able to capture that insight in visualizations that helped share the story unfolding with the client.


From there, they were able to position the campaign’s potential based on this broader understanding.

Capturing a Broader, Yet Deeper, Consumer Understanding

And “broad” really undersells it, as the insight is gathered from social web consumer feedback, which can consist of billions of bits of data from social media, news sites, forums, blogs, review sites, all kinds of comment data and so much more. Every variety of structured and unstructured data is analyzed alongside whatever survey, CRM or what have you, insight that a brand would like to integrate with it.

What brand wouldn’t be excited to have that access at its agency’s fingertips?

So, rather than relying purely on hard data around selling more burgers or whatever widgets apply, and making more money doing it – social analytics shifts the conversation to something more meaningful. Something that creates long-term brand love. And yes, that would be advanced CX powered by next generation, accurate and transparent sentiment analysis.


Here, they were able to zero in how consumers felt about food quality and preparation of the food. And their campaign focus on “cooking fresh for you” was a hit. Net Sentiment was a big piece of that – and it’s something sales figures will not reveal for brands. Not until months later after you work it back to figure out where you went wrong, that is.

Taking a Gamble on Casino Consumer Conversation

Another example was readily available from the agency’s work with a casino.

H&L identified a disconnect between the category convention and the truth of what consumers were saying. The perception that “casinos are for gambling” was outdated and had a negative connotation. Whereas the gaming set that was talking about “casinos are for fun” captured the way the conversation – and the sentiment – were heading.

This understanding helped the casino change the way it presented its brand, repositioning it as a “premium play to play” facility. And this, in turn, helped them capture a more significant share of the gaming market.


This all sounds great, of course, but how can your agency sell social analytics to clients?

How Agencies Sell Social Analytics

Everything above sells it, really. And H&L broke it down pretty distinctly for our NetBase LIVE attendees with this following visual:


Beyond that, we’re always happy to offer a demo of something specific to your agency/brand needs and/or overarching category. It doesn’t take long before viewers see the strategic necessity of the insight.

And with a plethora of client testimonials at the ready, from industry leaders who you can be sure put our platform through its paces, the only really question left is, “when can we start?

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