Social Analytics Experts and Enthusiasts Unite at NetBase LIVE LA!

Kimberly Surico |
 10/22/18 |
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There are a lot of reasons to love October – but one of the reasons we do is NetBase LIVE LA and NY. Last week we invaded the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown Hotel, bringing together nearly 200 agencies, brands, customers, and prospects for two days of social analytics training and inspiration.

Here’s a recap of NetBase LIVE LA.

Learning the Ropes at All Levels

After registering…

And getting the lay of the land…

The first half of Day One was all about mastering the craft of social analytics using NetBase’s various tools.

With introductory classes like Introducing NetBase and Best Practices in Topic Building and Master Classes like Create Experiences that Drive Engagement. Campaign Strategies that Connect Emotionally with Your Target Audience, everyone had the opportunity to increase their expertise in the art of analyzing social media.

Nearly 66% of our attendees attended our 8 Amazing All Star Academy sessions – 4 introductory and 4 master track sessions – led by our resident experts in professional services, Scott C. and Matt. If you weren’t one of the 66%, keep an eye on your competitor analysis – they’re coming for you!

Keynote Kickoff with Brian Solis

All that learning made us hungry, so we fueled up with a yummy lunch before starting the conference proper with a terrific keynote address.

Keynote speaker Brian Solis’s presentation, The Shift from CX to Experience: Why Experience Is Everything Now and How to Design Experiences That Matter, was the perfect bit of inspiration to kick off the next two days of insights and information.

Brian, Principal Analyst and Futurist at Altimeter, a Prophet company, broke down the differences between the brand experience, customer experience, service experience, and user experience – offering fresh clarity on the most important aspect of current and future brand operations.

Minds were blown. Because it’s Brian Solis.

Minds were blown. Because it’s Brian Solis.

Customer Brands and Agencies Shares Their Stories

As the next two days progressed we heard from a number of NetBase customers with tales of social success resulting from real-time social analytics insights. Here are a few highlights, from those who were there:

Storytelling Off the Screen: How IMAX Uses Social Listening to Bring its Research to Life

Sarah Davison, Sr. Manager, Marketing Strategy for IMAX shared the importance of storytelling in brand endeavors. It’s all about capturing the hearts of consumers on social, and connecting the dots between their passions and your brand. But she shared the how as well as the why.

Creating a Social Measurement Framework that Your CMO Will Love

Michael Fein, SVP Strategic Insights & Analytics at PMK*BNC ran down the metrics that matter, and how to keep the C-suite in the loop with easy and clear measurements of progress. If fear of the unknown keeps brands from making best use of social analytics, they can put those fears to rest. Michael – and we – can teach you what you need to know.

“Hi, Welcome to Chili’s!” Where Coordinated Social Listening Inspires Winning Content

For sure, a stand-out social moment in the past year belongs to Chili’s, who gave us a textbook example of the power of real-time social listening, and the engagement that’s possible when you respond in the perfect way.

Chris Ebbeler, Director of Social for Chili’s Grill & Bar, along with Kyle Taylor, Founding Partner at Fact & Fiction agency, took us through all of it, wearing the best t-shirt ever – especially if you’re a fan of The Office.

How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Develop the New Marketing Playbook for Brands

Razi Imam, Founder, CEO and Anupam Singh, Founder and President of 113 Industries showed us the future is now with regard to AI as a tool to power social marketing.

Taking Tacos Where They’ve Never Been: Using Social Insights to Turn Story Telling into Story Making

We heard more about storytelling – are you sensing it’s important? – from Billy Grenham, Global Director of Marketing & Communications for Taco Bell. Taco Bell has sung the praises of NetBase social listening tools in the past, and we always love hearing how they’ve one-upped themselves with each new campaign.

Data Driven Big Ideas: Toyota Tundra and World Cup 2018

Conill’s SVP, Director of Social Media Andy Nelson, and VP, Director of Content Strategy Laura Semple shared how they use NetBase to deliver insights for clients like Toyota in partnering with events like the World Cup.

Using Social Intelligence to Drive Audience First Marketing Strategy

Jessica Williams, Sr. Director of Global Brand & Digital Products Marketing at Visa talked about getting to the core of customer wants – and delivering. This is always a better option than pushing for what your brand thinks customers want. This is true whether your customer is a single person, a small business, or a global corporation.

Let’s Be More Than Friends: Using Shared Interests to Win in Social

Swift’s Rick Albano, CCO and Brooke-Lynn Howard, Head of Strategy, explained why shared interests are so important to connecting with your audience.

But they weren’t afraid to have a little fun, as well.

The NetBase Roadmap – Skating to Where the Puck Is

And of course we heard from NetBase CEO Peter Caswell. Peter gave us a great strategy roadmap – showcasing the future of social media analytics, as well as our continued cutting-edge innovation, and market leading Artificial Intelligence.

Developing a Social Savvy Organization

There were expert panels, like the one featuring Inga Starrett, Analytics Lead, Big Valley Marketing; Kevin Hack, Social Intelligence, Fan & Media Intelligence, ESPN; and Elisabeth Korody, Social & Innovation Strategist, FleishmanHillard – moderated by Nani Saffer, VP Account Management, NetBase.

The reasoning behind extending social analytics to the entirely of your organization is driven home when you hear three major players discuss how it’s working for them.

Nani Saffer, Elisabeth Korody, Kevin Hack, and Inga Starrett

And each day ended with happy hour at the Poolside Cabanas – which was a great space for relaxing and making new friends.

In addition to his great talk on Managing “Oh $%!#” Social Media Moments, Brandon Chesnutt, VP, Director of Digital & Development, Identity PR, is ready for a Taco Bell road trip with Billy Grenham.

All in all, there were 21 sessions by more than 25 customers speakers including Visa, Chili’s, Taco Bell, IMAX, Conill, 113 Industries, tinydrum, Intermark Group, ESPN, FleishmanHillard, Swift, Purple Strategies, Vanguard, Fullscreen, Octagon and many more – jammed into an amazing, motivating 48 hours!

Bummed you missed out? It’s not too late to join us this week in New York!

If you can’t make that, we’ll soon have 19 terrific testimonial videos (whoa!) from our customer speakers live on our site for your learning pleasure. And there’s always NetBase LIVE London in the spring. Jump onto our mailing list to know when and where we’re headed next!

Or just get started with NetBase and we’ll share everything we learned as we navigate you through using our tools to put your brand out in front.

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