ICYMI: Our Slanguage Decoder Is 💯

Kimberly Surico |
 12/16/15 |
2 min read

17942437721_a3168eeceb_mEmojis, netspeak, slang… Character limitations on social platforms have spawned an entirely new language online. Sometimes we even hashtags things “IRL” – in real life. It’s just how we talk now.

Decoding this new language and taking it into account is paramount to understanding consumer conversations on social media. This includes colloquialisms, misspellislngs, slang, sarcasm – and yes, emojis.

Here’s why what we like to call “slanguage” shouldn’t be overlooked.

Half the conversation isn’t enough

Emojis don’t just add emphasis or explain the tone of comments – they can (and do) replace real words. When sports fans add a blue heart to a tweet, for instance, we know they’re talking about Duke ball (at least, if Duke is currently playing).

But it can be much more complicated than that. Let’s say, for example, someone tweets:

“Taco bell 🔥sauce 💯.”

If you’re Taco Bell, and you don’t understand and account for emojis, you have no way of knowing what’s being said about your sauce. (FYI, the tweeter above thinks Taco Bell’s fire sauce is totally delicious.)

Some people may think emojis are ruining language, but that’s a conversation for another day. What’s great about emojis, from the brand/marketer perspective, is the way they clue you in to consumer emotions – something we already know is a crucial part of the social equation.

That’s why we made sure our Slanguage Tracker understands this increasingly popular element of human language online. Because when you decode the slang and know what people are saying (really, really saying) you can put those insights to work in a number of ways. Like creating new audience segments based on common interests – beyond the broad demographics of old.

You can find unlikely audiences you’d never have found otherwise.

Speaking of consumer emotions…

We let the word out about our slanguage decoder and it’s a hit! Someone even tweeted us a compliment – how often does that happen?!


It’s actually the kind of thing you could experience all the time when you’re able to zero in on the social conversation at a dimensional level.

Most importantly, you can use slanguage authentically, without sounding like the lame parent trying to “kick it” with the young kids. That’s important, because you trying too hard can have the opposite effect.

The most effective brands are the ones that don’t use social to throw products at consumers, but instead get into the consumer’s world simply to know what’s up. That’s how you really engage.

It’s important to know what your audience is saying – no matter how they are saying it. Our slanguage decoder works overtime to get to the heart of what your audience is thinking and feeling. So you can spend YOUR time connecting. When you can do that, you’ll be #blessed.

Ready to crack the slanguage code? Reach out for more info about how you can gain a deeper understanding of consumers on social today!

Image from Jonathan Rolonde

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