free slurpeesBreaking through the noise to run a successful marketing campaign today isn’t exactly easy. It’s harder still when the competition is another campaign for your own brand. 7-Eleven recently faced this challenge. Here’s how we helped them create a win-win scenario.

The free Slurpee conundrum          

7-Eleven needed to get the word out about their new mobile app and to encourage some-of-the-time customers to become all-the-time customers.

To do this they developed the app-exclusive 7Rewards loyalty program, which gives consumers one free drink for every six drinks purchased. It was a thank-you to loyal customers, and an opportunity for new ones to fall in love with the 7-Eleven brand.

To further promote the app and 7Rewards, they decided to showcase the app during 7-Eleven Day – an annual event where free Slurpees are on offer. But they worried the excitement of free Slurpees might drown out efforts promoting the app.

They knew they’d need strong messaging directed specifically at mobile app prospects for the campaign to succeed.

Using NetBase Audience 3D™, they built an audience of mobile app users, then searched for common interests they could use to engage them. They discovered these potential customers communicated with intense positive feelings, often about breakfast and coffee, and that they were interested in promotional giveaways.

Which gave the brand a way to make the conversation with these potentials personal and authentic – and less likely to get lost in the rest of the social noise.

New strategies for a new age

In the past, companies faced with this conundrum might well have turned to focus groups to cut through the Slurpee haze. But focus groups are limited in scope – and they’re mostly brand-centric. Brands now must have a consumer-centric approach in mind – because consumers are the ones running the show on social media.

Focusing on consumers’ wants, needs, passions, and more has garnered huge success for 7-Eleven. To date, their app has been downloaded millions of times and thousands of loyal customers use it on a daily basis to earn free beverages.

So what’s the moral of the story? Outmoded techniques – like targeting broad demographic segments – don’t cut it in today’s marketplace. To successfully compete, companies need to drill deeply to uncover personal insights they can use to target social users human to human. When you do that, you can stand out against any competition – even yourself.

Are you ready go deeper with your audience marketing? Reach out to learn how NetBase Audience 3D can help you do just that.

Image from Jon Lee Clark

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