Today, we are going to talk about the changes in perception for the iPhone 6 between its initial announcement and launch. We will also explore how this shift in perception affected one of its competitors, Samsung.

iPhone Launch On Social Networks

The announcement of the iPhone 6 on September 9th was a momentous social event with over 5.8 million people commenting on the phone in that week alone. Two weeks later, the amount of conversation was less but still significant with 4.4 million voicing their reactions to the phone over social media. Here is how the conversation unfolded on social media during the last month:

iphone timeline

After the release of the phone, problems began to be reported. The hashtag #BendGate (referring to reports of iPhone 6 Plus phones bending) first started appearing on September 23rd and reached a high of 84 thousand mentions by the 25th. Below are some of the top posts surrounding the #BendGate controversy:

iphone timeline

Samsung’s Social Response

In the same period of time, Samsung’s Galaxy phone managed to increase its overall volume of conversation. After the iPhone announcement, the company released a new ad campaign focusing on their phones innovating in the market space. The ad claimed that they were the first to offer a bigger smartphone and that most of the newly announced features and designs of the new iPhones had first been available with Samsung products.

Two weeks later, Samsung capitalized on the #BendGate controversy of their competitor by releasing a humorous video showcasing its own phone’s resilience. The video, entitled Samsung Galaxy Note Endures the Gluteus Maximus, quickly garnered over 2.3 million views on YouTube.

samsung timeline

In addition to Samsung’s own social efforts, fans of the Galaxy phone also took it upon themselves to capitalize on the shortcomings of the iPhone. The image below was a fan-made advertisement. Quick responses to the perceived bending problem such as the one seen below quickly showed up as a trending image in conversations about the iPhone 6.

samsung timeline

Samsung Defends Purchase Intent

A fast and aggressive integrated marketing campaign by Samsung allowed it to not only maintain purchase intent through the hype of a competitor’s product launch, but also increase its volume of conversation overall. While iPhone social mentions decreased by 24.1%, Galaxy mentions increased by 42.2%. In fact, Samsung managed to capitalize on some of the iPhone’s woes. As seen below, the number of people talking about buying/purchasing the iPhone decreased significantly over the two weeks since the announcement, while the number of people talking about purchasing a Galaxy phone stayed the same. Looks like Samsung did not miss a beat on social.


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