One of the best things about life on the internet is the ability to find a holiday for every mood, occasion, and fan-base. Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Here’s everything you need to know to put a little “arrrg” in your social analytics:

Do Your Research

Before you dive into hostile waters, it’s smart to understand what any non-traditional holiday is about. You don’t want to be posting all kinds of light-hearted messages if it turns out the holiday is about serious issues – and vice versa.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day was started in 1995 by friends John Baur and Mark Summers over a game of racquetball. It was basically a holiday commemorated by a couple of friends until they sent off an email to syndicated columnist Dave Barry, who decided to write about it.

It’s clearly a holiday steeped in fun – if you read Barry’s piece, or consult the day’s official website. But over the years has been used to do good for causes like Childhood Cancer Support and Marie Curie Cancer Care. The “British HQ” of Talk Like a Pirate Day donates all its collected money to the latter organization.

Consult Your Treasure Map – i.e., Social Analytics

If there’s one thing to be learned from Dave Barry, it’s the power of influencers. Barry took an entirely private holiday and put it on the map. From there, it’s grown exponentially, and continues to.

Even kids’ network Nickelodeon is posting about it! They’re at the top of the Influencers list in NetBase Pro:

There are several others sharing about the day as well, referencing various local events.

Of course, if you wanted your share of the booty, as it were, you’d want to look at Sentiment to see what exactly people love about the day. Here’s a look at Emotions:

Sentiment is at 97% – which makes it a great holiday to work with. And because it’s still relatively small – i.e., it’s not Halloween or Thanksgiving – brands with a reason to leverage this holiday will stand out.

You want to dial into the Emotions to see what kind of posts are driving them. Here are some sound bites.

For “happy”:

“Favorite day”:

“Look forward to”:

Looking at Popular Items also reveals themes within posts, as in the Hashtags below:

As this is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, brands with global reach should investigate the Geography widget to see where the most conversation is happening:

And it’s always a good idea to look at Popular Posts and Popular Media to see which content is getting the most traction, and on which channels.

Nickelodeon is slaying with their video of “how to talk like a pirate” tips. And you can see the top three media posts represent YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. However, the most popular channels overall are Twitter, Instagram, and Blogs, followed by News and Tumblr:

Any brand that wants to convey their sense of humor can have a lot of fun with something like International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Just use your social analytics tools to monitor social conversations and sentiment, and you’ll never have to worry about walking the plank.

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