For close to a year now, NetBase has powered the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker, and many of the topics have covered big news in sports – everything from Gisele Bunchden’s controversial comments at the Super Bowl to Jeremy Lin and the changes in his NBA career. While I’m not a big sports nut, it was still refreshing to see the September 8th installment of the Sentiment Tracker cover a new sport: tennis and Andy Roddick’s retirement last week at the US Open. Even though I’m terrible at the sport given my double jointed elbows and elegance of an elephant with the racket, it was still interesting to see the response from Facebook and Twitter users. 66% wished the best for Roddick, sad to see him leaving. 16% praised Roddick’s game, particularly noting his “monster” serve, while 13% called him overrated, and another 5% cracked jokes about his retirement at age 30 and his beautiful supermodel wife. Check out some of the extra jokes below!

RT @GQMagazine: Tough loss, Andy Roddick — but let’s keep things in perspective: Your wife is still Brooklyn Decker.  He’ll be alright:  …

Farewell Andy Roddick, and more saddening, farewell Brooklyn Decker cutaways.

R.I.P Andy Roddick. At age 30 you’re retired, a millionaire and married to Brooklyn Decker. If that’s not heaven I don’t know what is…

What’d you think of Roddick bidding tennis farewell? Let me know in the comments.

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