Social media is all about real-time. That means speed and accuracy are two of the most important factors you need to consider in evaluating and selecting the right social media analytics solution for your organization.

Your Social Analytics Solution Must Be Blazing Fast

The faster your analytics solution, the quicker you can gather and analyze the online conversations around your brand, product or campaign, and discover what’s really happening now (good or bad).

This keeps you in front of any social crisis, and gives you a jump on the competition when it comes to enhancing campaign results, discovering real-time marketing opportunities, and more.

Speed Without Accuracy Means Mistakes

On the other hand, the more accurate the analysis of the online conversation, the more confident you can be in making business decisions based on that analysis. Or said another way, the less likely you are to make a critical or embarrassing mistake for your brand or organization when it comes to engaging on social media.

What makes for the most accurate results?

First of all, the data set your social analytics solution gathers must be clean and complete. Secondly, the analysis must be done with the most sophisticated technology—such as a combination of text analytics, machine learning and natural language processing—that “understands” language at the deepest levels.

Expert Research Study of Speed and Accuracy

With this in mind, NetBase commissioned a research study by The Tomorrow Project to determine how our Live Pulse analytics solution stacks up against the alternatives that most mid to enterprise sized organizations would consider.

Specifically, this study was conducted to measure the speed and accuracy of these social analytics solutions and took place during February and March 2014. The exact methodology used in the study is provided here.

And to ensure the validity and unbiased nature of the research results, the study was overseen and audited by Mike Edelhart, the CEO of Pivot Conference and former senior editor and publisher at Ziff-Davis.

Fastest and Most Accurate Social Analytics Solution

The results of the study speak for themselves. NetBase was hands-down the fastest and most accurate social analytics solution. You can watch the one-minute YouTube video that came out of the study here.

Contact us if you’d like to find out for yourself how fast and accurate NetBase LIVE Pulse™ analytics  really are.

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