Ready for Social Testimonial Advertising?
Mike Baglietto |
 07/23/14 |

Ready for Social Testimonials?

Long before social media came along, brands had learned that unsolicited positive testimonials from happy customers can be used as powerful marketing messages. It still holds true, of course, and now NetBase offers Social Testimonial Advertising, where companies can leverage positive comments in social.

The new NetBase service, Social Testimonial Advertising, can help brands find the best testimonials and get them in front of specific audiences. Here’s how it works.

Promoting Tweets

To start, NetBase identifies organic tweets that contain highly positive comments about your products or services.

We then get the author’s permission to use their tweet as a Promoted Tweet. When we do, the tweets become available to select in your Twitter ad interface.

At that point, you can promote those tweets to a specific Twitter audience.

Using this technique ourselves, we doubled our Twitter B2B average engagement rate of 1.28 percent. We also got the highest positive count per week in our company’s history. In fact, promoting testimonials to a tailored audience has outperformed all our other campaigns.

We can also identify influential authors (by Klout score) of positive tweets about your brand.

Once we do, we can set up triggered alerts to email you regarding Engaging Tweets to Promote.

Summarizing the Process

In a nutshell, what the new service does is alert you when someone is promoting (in the traditional sense) your brand, then allow you to turn around and promote (in the Twitter advertising sense) their comments to others who are promoting (traditional sense) your brand. In fact, we considered calling this approach Promoting Promoters to Promoters (PPP) but nobody could say that without having to race off to the bathroom. So we went with Social Testimonial Advertising. 

To learn more, please contact us and ask to hear more about our solutions for Twitter Advertising.

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