Outgrown Your Solution ResourcesThe universe of social media continues to grow larger and more complex, and its importance for your organization is growing in parallel. Your first social listening solution may have met your needs when you started using it…but has it kept pace with the evolution of social? If not, it may be time to think about replacing or supplementing it.

To help with the process of analyzing offerings, we’ve written a paper with a list of questions you should ask vendors. We’ve grouped the questions into these key areas:

  • Determine the features you need to be successful with social
  • Define the type of content that’s critical to be able to glean key insights
  • Be clear about the level of accuracy necessary to impact business decisions
  • Determine the results you’ll need from the infrastructure today and tomorrow
  • Find out which vendors are willing to do demonstrations customized to your needs

We’ve also included a case study on how T-Mobile went about evaluating social vendors to support its critical Customer Support use case.

You can download the complete paper here.

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