Expanding Your Consumer Coverage with Quid Social!

Kimberly Surico |
 06/22/20 |
3 min read

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Brands need contextualized insight to inform strategic decision-making, and having access to both consumer and market intelligence in one place is optimal! Quid Social enables brands’ to expand their  digital intelligence opportunities. Learn more . . .

Consumer & Market Analysis in One Place

Consumer insights play an essential role in strategic business decisions. They have to. Every market has moved to a consumer-centric focus, and for good reason: customers have limitless options in our global economy. And they’re well aware of it. When brands aren’t capturing, analyzing and meeting consumer needs, these consumers are jumping ship. And they’re quickly finding another brand that recognizes consumer experience as paramount to success.

Not only do brands need to acknowledge and act on consumer insight though, they have to do so quickly. Being last to the consumer needs party also puts you last on their list of places to purchase from. And that’s a dangerous place to be.

And it’s challenging to make informed decisions quickly when brands are attempting to piece together a cohesive strategy from disparate data sources – even when using disparate data analysis tools. It’s not only cumbersome and time consuming, but connections between these data sources are missed. Synthesizing insight manually, or in a patchwork fashion, offers equally mishmashed results.

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Establishing a Single Source of Truth

Brands are seeking to establish a single source of truth across all data sources and platforms. And Quid Social does precisely that. It eliminates the need to use multiple tools for obtaining and analyzing social data; you can easily add “Social” as a data source from within the Quid platform to get AI driven social insights on any topic, offering a 360 degree view from all data sources within one powerful yet easy to use platform.

quid social

Users can analyze social conversations and discover emerging themes that inform strategic business decisions by easily adding social as data source within the platform. And trust its accuracy, as it’s powered by NetBase, the longtime leader in accurate and transparent social analytics.

What can you do with this insight, specifically?

Quid Social Use Cases

The potential for enhancing your  market research capabilities are pretty endless, but here are some specific use cases to help you better understand the power of Quid Social:

Identify emerging themes and consumer trends in social media conversations

  • Identify the main drivers of conversation in social media around a topic
  • Know the relationship between adjacent social conversations
  • Understand how certain target audiences are talking about a topic or issue
  • Identify whitespace to improve your brand’s share of voice
  • Enhance influencer identification & analysis (author’s centrality to a social conversation)

Get brand perception within social media coverage

  • Understand and compare positioning of your company vs. others in social media around a topic
  • Evaluate campaign messaging to identify those that resonate most with consumers and most closely associated with your brand

Competitive, Market & Product Intelligence

  • Identify competitive areas of focus for innovation / R&D
  • Understand how consumers are reacting to market trends, innovation, and competitive products

Coverage Nitty Gritty

And this is all made possible thanks to the extensive and comprehensive coverage Quid Social offers users. This coverage spans historic and real-time analysis and includes: Global social media coverage across 200+ countries.

The scope of coverage captured using next generation AI-powered social analytics is exceptional in itself. And being able to slice and dice the data any number of ways via Quid’s powerful network visualizations is truly game changing for brands and the agencies that support them.

Social Insights & Quid Analytics Functionality Extras

Beyond the powerful network visualizations that help users discover emerging trends, topics and patterns in data, there are the ways this insight can be organized and shared with stakeholders. And some of those options include:

  • Scatterplot, Bar Graph, Histograph and Timeline Views
  • Optimized clustering for short text with auto-naming and summaries of clusters
  • Document and aspect level sentiments
  • People, companies and location entities
  • Social engagement counts
  • Author information, along with demographics
  • Filters and various color by/graph by options
  • Saved views and export visuals to PPT, PNG, SVG and CSV

There’s really never been an easier way to gain visibility into (and communicate out) such nuanced and supremely accurate consumer insight.

Quid Social’s single-click integration does all of the heavy lifting, importing pre-defined social topics into Quid for detailed analysis. The speed to insight is amazing. So, be sure to reach out for a demo.

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