Quid Social Protects Brand Health

Kimberly Surico |
 09/02/20 |
4 min read

Quid Social Protects Brand Health

There are lots of dangers on and offline for brands, and staying ahead of them in our fast-paced digital world can feel impossible many days. Quid Social to the rescue! It protects brand health in a multitude of ways – and we’ll explore a few of them below!

With condensed coverage of thousands of stories within mere minutes, Quid delivers visual insights into how numerous media narratives relate to one another. It monitors the rise and fall over time of any given subject that resonates with target consumers. And this proves to be extremely useful in numerous use cases, including:

And we’ll be sharing insights to guide us, such as:

  • 89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values – which makes reading the room critical
  • 13% of consumers would pay 31-50% more for a product or service if they believe the brand they support is making a positive impact – and keeping up to date with social listening can help

Brand Perception is Everything

Let’s rephrase that a bit: Having the right tool to monitor brand perception is everything. The world of business doesn’t stop, and it is important to pull in the right data to see where your brand sits in the eye of the consumer. And what better way than using consumer and market intelligence to determine if how your brand is being discussed in a competitive context.

For example, our social media analytics tool shows clusters of consumer conversations surrounding safety and COVID-19. Within these clusters, we can explore consumer sentiment, as each cluster is clickable to investigate further:


Understanding consumer concerns is key to crafting the correct marketing/responses to them. Because 89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that pay attention and not only share, but recognize, their values. And right now, there is no greater value in consumers’ minds than safety.


Information like this could have been the spark which led Walmart to create Camp by Walmart, an interactive app filled with family activities and crafts guaranteed to keep little ones safely entertained while in quarantine:


And although quarantined, there’s no shortage of events at play to attract consumer attention right now too . . .

Events and Issues Brands Must Monitor

Five to seven impressions is what it takes for consumers to remember a brand. And handling a tough situation properly goes a long way to leave an imprint and protect brand health.

Chick-fil-A responded immediately to the COVID19 pandemic. Donating $10.8 million to COVID-19 relief, more than 5,000 meals were donated to school systems, health care workers and others on the front lines in Atlanta, Georgia. They also donated 7,715 cases of fresh produce to Feeding America.

And when social unrest broke out, this quick and savvy company was quick to respond, Perhaps they know 13% of consumers would pay 31-50% more for a product or service if they believe the brand they support is making a positive impact on the world.


Our timeline view offers clues to how consumer conversation has shifted and what consumer intelligence can speak of to inform brands like Chick-fil-A for their next big move.

Exploring current issues and events using our timeline view, Chick-fil-A would find segments related to customer service during COVID-19, to mask wearing and re-opening schools safely – there isn’t a stone unturned over the past 6 months.


And consumers will post about a good or bad experience with lightning fast fingers, so knowing where they are posting in order to protect brand health is crucial, allowing companies to respond in a timely fashion. With Quid Social’s consumer intelligence, you can take the same timeline above and transform it into a bar chart that helps pinpoint which outlets consumers are using. You can also see the number of articles/posts/blogs per segment.


These conversations are driven by many components – social issues, politics, stocks or Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). And locating the latter may help a brand decide where to engage.

Key Opinion Leader Identification

Opinions matter, and sometimes influencers can affect the conversation. A successful communications strategy knows this. If they agree with you it’s helpful in providing a voice of authority to your story, but if they don’t like what you’re offering, they can play death star to your millennium falcon. Savvy brands should attempt to identify who and what types of influencers could play a part in the conversation.

And it could be that Pernod-Ricard took its cue from a KOL when they decided to produce and ship 523 gallons of hand sanitizer to the LCMC Health Distribution Center in New Orleans and eighty-eight 55-gallon drums of sanitizer to the New York Police Department.


Could this spirited company have harnessed the power of consumer intelligence to guide them in responding? And who are the relevant key opinion leaders? For that we look to the social media analytics behind KOLs.

Selecting the top 10 segments we’re interested in for KOL analysis, some names are more recognizable. We see President Trump as KOL in the segments Safety and Health (33%) and PPE (67%).  God gives the message of Stay Safe, Wear a Mask and Hand Sanitizer – each with an equal share of 33%. And in the latter category, Andrew Caines of Etihad’s airline catering service owns 100% of that bar.


With each of these bars comes clickable blogs, social media posts by users, etc. And we see a few of those below, highlighting Etihad. If Pernod-Ricard clicked on either of the articles mentioning this airline catering service, they would have learned that Etihad adapted early to the COVID-19 crisis by donating 15,000 meals a day to Abu Dhabi’s self-isolating consumers, frontline medical staff, humanitarian drives and various businesses across the capital.

Adaptability became the name of the game, protecting brand health. Using social media analytics to advise the next step can be the difference in making or breaking a brand. Reach out! And let Quid Social expand your consumer coverage informing your next innovative move.

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