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Harvey Rañola |
 11/27/20 |
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Quid Social Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is on most brands’ radar, and it should be on yours. Social media monitoring using Quid Social will not only help brands identify potential influencers, it will boost brand health, strengthen connections with current consumers, and attract new segments. Lots of big promises there. Let’s see it in action!

We’ll cover how Quid Social can help you listen more effectively to consumers. More specifically:

  • Who is driving the conversation around your brand
  • How to transform nay-sayers into cheerleaders for your company
  • Which influencers have a direct line to your customer loyalty

And there are telling statistics to support our narrative:

  • 65% of influencer marketing budgets are increasing in 2020
  • 1 in 26 unhappy customers will make a complaint about a brand or product
  • Of formally displeased customers, 70% of them are willing to give a brand a second chance

Who is Driving Your Brand Conversation

With the unlimited ways in which people can talk and connect with each other online, it is critical to know not just where people are talking, but who is talking.

Influencers have great sway over consumers these days and counting them out when planning for a new campaign can be a costly mistake. Research cites that 65% of influencer marketing budgets were due to increase in 2020. Clearly, having the right tools to help identify these influencers and put them to work for you is vital if you hope to compete.

Using competitive intelligence to monitor consumers’ voices about Ralph Lauren, we see conversation about many different subjects, from fitness to literally the color pink. And we can organize these segments to see which are gaining the most social interaction. Here, they are organized according to social media shares, but they can be ordered by likes, followers and total engagements.

This gives companies many ways to slice and dice data, and establish an idea of how people interact with their brand.


And they can dig in to get as granular as they like to sort out specifics. This single tweet below, about a gorgeous Ralph Lauren velvet suit, has the potential to reach 1,934,180 consumers and has been shared 2,770 times. That’s a lot of road for one post to cover – this is why influencer marketing pays off. And having a tool that specifically seeks out influencers for you saves time and money.


And with (pretty much) everyone online, it’s important to know your friends – and your enemies.

Identify Detractors & Influencers

1 in 26 unhappy customers will make a complaint about a brand or product, while 91% of non-grumblers will just leave. Either way, that’s a lot of negative press and lost revenue, which is where influencer marketing can help turn the tide. Consumers are watching many of these folks silently, and if they see that your brand genuinely cares about its customers, they may give you a first chance. Not only that, statistics show that 70% of formerly dissatisfied customers will give brands a second chance.

For example, we see the Dwight & Church Company, which has been going strong since 1846. They know a thing or two about staying current and about customer satisfaction. They own some of the top recognized brands out there, such as Arm & Hammer, Orajel and OxiClean.

Competitive intelligence shows what conversations are happening in relation to this plethora of household products. And since customers look to their peers for recommendations, these clusters hold power. Each cluster is an area of consumers discussing what they love or dislike about these brands:


In a perfect world, all press would be good press. However, in a post pandemic world, consumers are more agitated and less patient with brands. And that’s where consumer listening can aid you. Identifying brand detractors allows a company the chance to interact in a meaningful way with their customers by acknowledging their disappointments. This one simple gesture can turn a frown upside down and end in praise for your brand, along with lots of new customers that come along for the ride.

The post below is from OxiClean’s Instagram. A consumer was looking for the brand’s plastic free container, and Oxi was quick to answer with a helpful location finder.


If this had been left unanswered, our consumer would have moved onto a different brand with the plastic-free container she sought. And just imagine if this had been a negative comment left unattended! OxiClean could have alienated a customer forever. Luckily, this brand was paying attention.

Influencers can likewise be tasked with staying aware of and engaging disgruntled consumers instead of ignoring them. This offers an even more personalized and appreciated touch – and it goes a long way toward generating brand loyalty.

Boost Customer Loyalty with Influencers

But why do consumers trust influencers so much? Simply put, customers get to choose who they trust, and that feels better for the individual. It feels like making a new friend or cultivating a connection with someone who ‘gets’ them. Influencers have the consumers’ loyalty – and this amazing quality can be passed on to any relevant brand they promote. And in the right moment, there’s no limit to how influencers can help your brand.

It’s been a busy year for Nikola Motor Company – from the founder stepping down, to GM backing them. With all of these changes, now is the opportune moment to engage their consumers and build brand loyalty with an influencer. Fortunately, finding influencers is easier than ever.

Quid Social makes quick work of locating consumer sentiments to target within different social media posts and segments around Nikola Motors. Below, the timeline reveals the ebb and flow of sentiments. It has an even distribution of red (negative), green (positive), and yellow (neutral).


And if we explore it another way, we can see the specific keywords mentioned in these conversations – and how it has shifted from September:


To November:


An influencer can go a long way in changing neutral feelings to positive – or negative. But you need to know what is resonating in the moment, as that messaging will need to change along with the discussion. And your influencers may need to change as well!

Creating a Flexible Influencer Marketing Approach

Looking at our dashboard we created around Nikola Motors, we’ve designed it to pinpoint influencers in every category from expert and content influencers to cultural influencers. Stats reveal who they are; how many times Nikola has been mentioned per influencer; as well as cumulative mentions.


We can see Net Sentiment (score ranging from -100 to 100), as well as individual follower counts and potential impressions per category of influencers. And where are many of our mentions are coming from? News and blogs take up the largest segment surrounding Nikola Motor Company, which is yet another bit of crucial insight to inform campaign planning and influencer selections:


And all of this is really just scratching the surface of intel your brand can investigate. It all comes down to simple, transparent and accurate social media monitoring to inform influencer marketing efforts. It’s a growing strategy and choice among the shrewdest of brands.

Increase your brand loyalty and consumer care by reaching out for a demo and we’ll share some additional tactics that apply specifically to you.

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