Quid Social Captures Emerging Consumer Trends

Niraj Sharma |
 09/21/20 |
4 min read

Quid Social Captures Emerging Consumer Trends

Consumer trends are everything – and Quid Social captures emerging trends that consumers are eying up ahead of them hitting prime time. It’s so important to be on that level right now, and we’re going to show you how it’s done!

We’ll take a look at three brands making the most of emerging consumer trends, including Energizer, Target and Popeyes. And we’ll show brands how they can discover their own amazing insight using Quid Social. Specifically, we’ll explore ways to analyze social conversation and discover emerging themes that inform strategic business decisions by:

  • Identifying the main drivers of conversation by using social media listening around a topic
  • Understanding how certain target audiences are talking about a topic or issue; and, identifying and analyzing category influencers
  • Identifying promotional ideas to improve your brand’s share of voice

And there are some important facts to in keep in mind as we go:

  • Consumers become emotionally invested in brand campaigns when they resonate; some connections lasting for decades.
  • Disambiguating your brand topics requires forward planning
  • Promotional opportunities are plentiful, if you know where/how to find them!

Energizer Understanding Conversation Drivers

Energizer has one of the most iconic mascots in marketing – the Energizer Bunny. Launched in 1989, the is one ad campaign that keeps going and going. There have been other decades-long campaigns that have made a lasting impression, but few with such wide adoption across a variety of consumer segments. And even today, exploring the conversation we see in Quid Social, the Energizer Bunny still captures a significant portion of the brand conversation:


Why is this significant? Its competitor Duracell actually had the first pink bunny and let the trademark lapse, inspiring an Energizer spoof which led to the phenomenon. Competitors are watching your every move – closely. And online intel makes it easier. If you’re not spotting consumer trends and acting on them, you can bet they will.

Here, we can see some relevant conversations consumers are having about batteries, defined by three clusters and further segmented by positive, negative and neutral emotions:


And we can click in each to explore the conversation and see the good, bad and indecisive to identify opportunities:


And we can click in each item to further explore and see who shared it, when, where and what kind of engagement it’s experiencing – this can help brands identify influencers that may help spread awareness of future campaigns:


So, knowing what consumers are loving (or hating) about your brand is important intel. And so it understanding the universe of topics surrounding your brand, as there are often surprises.

Target Consumers Talking About Topics

When searching for intel about a brand with a name like “Target” there’s a good bit of disambiguation that needs to take place. But, after doing so, there’s a good bit of solid intel to explore.


Why do consumers love shopping at Target? Well, it’s not because of the anti-masker parades, though it’s certainly buzzworthy:


Mostly, they seem to seek a safe place to ‘go out’ and Target is a calming force in their lives:


And regardless of what consumers are saying, brands need to have a handle on their share of voice in the conversation. If your brand is being mentioned in context of an emerging trend, it’s important to be aware of it and take advantage of that opportunity. And if it’s not being mentioned, it’s time to generate some targeted attention – stat!

Popeyes’ Promotional Opportunities Abound

Popeyes is pretty much always in the news. It has some amazing marketing and knows how to generate buzz. But, what are consumers talking about in real-time? That’s important to understand. In August, we see lots of conversation focused on its release of the much anticipated chicken sandwich is “worth the hype:”






What opportunities could they identify from their results? Well, if we look at competitive intelligence to see who is honing in on Popeye’s social conversation, we would see Chick-fil-A as the top contender – by far. And also, that it has a good bit of negative lukewarm to negative sentiment happening online. It’s always good to see how that social media sentiment is trending to catch when there’s a shift from the norm:


And exploring which conversations are resonating with Popeye’s target audience offers unique marketing opportunities – and another window into potential trends that some savvy brand could take advantage of.

  • Creating a friendly rivalry between various Popeye’s locations to attract new consumers
  • Potential to name a gathering space after the popular chicken chain (probably not a school, but who knows?)
  • Ideas to ensure people get their orders correct for coworkers, including a “are you sure they wanted unsweet tea” reminder


All of this insight – and so much more – is ready for exploration in Quid Social.

Want to capture emerging trends of your own that relate to your category in general, or your brands specifically? Reach out for a demo and we’ll take you on a tour of the platform!

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